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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

   snow day! :D
So i had a snow day two days ago and it was FUN lol. Basically me and my friends made an igloo, hung out, and drank hot coco x3
The best part was when i told my friend Dan that he looked ice pale in the snow like Edward Cullen and he was like "i'm going to bite you for that one" and then i was like GIVE ME A VAMPIRE RIDE DAN and then he's like "ok". so then he gives me a piggy back ride, and ran as fast as he could on the icey streets and then he fell after a good 10 seconds. xD i think i almost pissed my pants ahah but he was totally fine the next minute after that. I told him "you're an idiot for actually letting me get a piggy back ride!!"
it was fun. xD

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