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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

WOW I HAD SUCH A FUN DAY YESTERDAY @ MY FRIEND'S B-DAY PARTY! ^^ WE WENT IN THE POOL-PLAYED VIDEO GAMES-AND ALL THAT ^^-and the best part was, my friend made a thank u card jus 4 me! XD i feel special! ^^-and she drew mistuki (from Full Moon Wo Sagashite-if u dont know the character/series-jus stick to the situation here ok! ^^) on the card-(she's a really great manga artist! ^^

so anyway-i found out one of my friends was back from camp-she also has an otaku account-her name is called Swimangel8-if any of u know her already-THEN THATS GREAT! ^^

OH! BTW-i bought alot of mangas yesterday!-i bought Dr. Slump vol. 3 (FREAKING FUNNY! XD), Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist vol. 8 (XD OMG I CANOT BELIEVE HOW THE ENDING WENT EVEN THOUGH I ALREADY KNEW IT WAS GONNA HAPPEN! XD), the Shonen jump magazine thingmabob, and FullMoon Wo Sagashite vol. 2 (OMG-IZUMI IS SO SEXY IN THIS VOLUME! XD (its ok if all of u doont know who the hell he is! XD -teehee! ^^)

and now 4 the questions! ^^(FINALLY!):
1) From Jet224:
"What is your fav. Sonic Character?"
2) From XxBethxX:
"Do you have any siblings besides the step-sister that you already mentioned on the post?"...................*sighhh* sadly-i hav 8 siblings all together (from both my step-mom and step-dad)-ok-my step dad has 3 sons-and my step mom now has 2 kids (ACK)-and my real mom has a son and 2 doughters.....and one of them is me ^^ lol-so all together that makes 8 of us siblings @.@
3) From YamiYugi1990:
"Why do they always name the hurricanes? Is it really nessacary?"
BECAUSE THEY'RE STUPID! XD IDK!!! -maybe to tell which hurricane is which? O.O;;;-and uh...idk if its nessecary or not @.@;; lol

ok-hopefully i'll try to get to all of ur sites. suddenly i made alot of new friends lol-its hard getting to every1's sites! XD lol

~Teas Mini Twin ^_~

~p.s-my site is KINDA underconstruction-so please dont be mad1 >.<

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Monday, August 29, 2005

   hi peeps!
hey-how is every1? hope eveery1 is fine......well im not fine....and the reason is that my stupid step mom is really bugging the shit outta me agian-and including her new f**kin daughter that she birth to 2 months ago..-(its a long story y im pissed @ her and my new step sis T-T;)-so i dont really wanna talk about it....
and plus my grandpa is acting all weird around me-which idk y. im all confused @.@;;;

-and now my cat scatched my palm.....(WTF IS UP W/ MY CAT NOWADAYS HUH?!!?!) ;_; DOESNT HE LOVE ME!?!?!? >//<

....anyway,no1 has really asked me any questions latly.... :( so please give me sum questions ppl....

.........im sry if ur all sad that im pissed. dont b. im jus not feeling happy right now...but hopefully i'll b betta 2morrow since im goin to my friends b-day party. (^^)

so anyways, im gonna go visit u all now kk?-see ya

upset and pissed~Teas Mini Twin >_~

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

   sry about not updating!
hey every1, im sry i didnt update 4 the past 2 days i believe (or one day @_@-idk.....) anyways-my kitten Kramer is doing AWESOME!! XD he sure is purring alot 4 a kitten (X//D) lol-yesterday i decided to spend the whole day w/ him ^^ we both had fun ^^-and also one of my friends from camp came ova ^^ we had fun XD lol
after she left i still spent time w/ Kramer lol ^^ (man he sure loves me XD)-but like if i needed to get sumthing or needed to go to the bathroom, he would start meowing like hell-(aint pretty
=-=;)-so then i decided to sleep w/ him since he was alone..........MY GOD U PERVERTS NOT LIKE THAT! XD lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so then he felt better, but most of the night he was playing whle i was sleeping T_T;;;;


anyway-im gonna visit u guys now kk?-kk-gonna vist u now ^^

~Still laughing histerically from watching ygo, Teas Mini Twin ^_~

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

   we got a dif. kitty....
ok-we got a kitten......but it wasnt the one that we werew supposed to get....there's a reason y......sumhow there was sumthing wrong w/ her eye though.....i feel so bad 4 her.....well my mother soon then didnt want to get the kitten that we were gonna gget jus because of that.... oh well.... but @ least we got a dif. kitten ! his name is Kramer ^^ he's jus the cutest thing!! XD he is all black w/ a white mask , white tips on his feet and legs, and including his tail XD lol-and actuall, i think he likes me the best outta every1 because sumhow he jus keeps on purring when its jus me in the room w/ him alone ^^ lolbut when other ppl come in-he simply runs away =-=; weird.......
and my cuz's kitten was very cute too xD she's the opposite of Kramer (black paws, mask , all white etc.) lol-and her name's Crystal XD lol

i also went night swimmming yesterday ^^ it was fun!

so anyways my sis had her orientaion @ my skool 2day (she's now going to my skool =-=;;; oh great....)-and she was having trouble getting to look 4 her classrooms, opening her locker (XD naha) and all that lol

i also hav ths huge stomach ache
=-=; *sigh the pain......

anyways-i hope my kitten will start to love being here w/ me and my family lol ^^

Watching the kitten named Kramer~ Teas Mini Twin ^_~

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

   how could i 4get....>//
XD WOW I 4GOT ABOUT WUTS HAPPENING THIS DAY! XD IM SO HORRIBLE! LOL-TODAY IM GETTING MY NEW KITTEN W/ MY CUZINS TODAY XD! LOL I CANT BELIEVE I 4GOT!-so yeah i wont be online today like after 1:oo- but im porbly gonna come bac on during the night and stuff after the whole thingymabob and all lol i cant wait to get my kitten! ^^

and yesterday.....i got .....THE RING 2! XDDDD YYYAAYYY! ITS SO FREAKY!! XD LOL-but its not as freaky as the mangas though =-=; thats 4 sure lol (speaking of mangas i wonder when the 6th book of the ring is coming out o.O;)

so i MAY b able to get to every1's sites -im -not -sure -though kk?

well ttyl!!!

cant wait to get my kitten~Teas Mini Twin ^_~ Meow! <3

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

   sry every1.....
-uh- hey-i jus wanna let every body know that i wont b on as much this week.....its kinda wut i did....BY ACCIDENT!! >//<...so yeah ;_;

anyway lets get on w/ the questions! ^^
1) From xFemaleYamiYugix:
"Have you ever seen Family Guy?"
....PFFFTTT XD R U KIDDING ME!? OF CORSE I'VE SEEN IT! XD lol-i have eevry season that's out so far! ^^ HORRAY! ^^

lol-kk-i'll get to ur sites this week kk?-BUT IM STILL GONNA UPDATE THOUGH! O.O

sry to every1~Teas Mini Twin ;_;

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Monday, August 22, 2005

   now im worried more than eva about my uncle. i saw him yesterday and ...well...he didnt look that great.......and plus i found out he had cancer in his brain....... hopefully he'll get better ............my mom started crying last night about it...i was upset too.....

ok-well anyways-i realized that i 4got to answer sum or ur questions from 2 days ago: so i'll answer to u guys right now:
1) From Jet224:
"What kind of dog do you have?"
i actully hav 2 dogs-one of them is a West Highland Whiter Terrier
and that dog i hav that got fixed is a golden retreiver-well if u all remember my Great Dane named Jackpot that i told u about-she was apperently my otha dog that i used to hav-but every1 knows that story about her.....hopefully......if u dont remember or that u dont know about her, please go to my otha posts from months ago and read it kk?
2) From YamiYugi1990:
"When does sckool start for you?"

oh btw- i god this new manga called "Guru-Guru Pon-Chan"-ITS A REALLY KAWAII STORY! its about this Labordor thats transforms into a human and stuff-and its all jus so cute! XD -go cheak it out! ^^

anyways, im gonna go visit ya'll now kks?-lov ya all *huggies to all*

huggies~Teas Mini Twin ^_~

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

god im so bored-idk wut to do =-=;;
well i've been watching south park all night long agian-and even this morning i was watching it 2! teehee! ^^ its fun watch it! ^^ lol

2 bored to talk~ Teas Mini Twin ^_~

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

   im worried...
my uncle came to my grandmotha's house to stay 4 a while-but im gettin worried-because my mom told me that he didnt look so great...and plus he has had so many strokes....my mom was up all night last night wrying ;_; god i feel horrible

and also 4 the past 2 days my dog has been in the animal hospital because he was getting *cough* ....neutered...XD teehee -poor thing-X///D-but thank god that he was ok through the opperation ^//^-and plus he's coming home 2day! XD YAY!

yeah-also i kinda 4got that it was my bro's b-day..XD GOD IM HORRIBLE! XD HOW COULD I 4GET MY OWN BROTHER'S B-DAY! XD;;;; lol-he's turning 16 2day! ^^ HORRAY! XD

ok-so here r the questions 4 2day:

1)from Xx Beth xX:
"What's your fav. Fruits Basket character?:
DEFITALLY HARU AND YUKI! XD THEY'RE BOTH SEXY! XD-and also if u want my fav. gurl characters, they're Torhu and Rin ^^ i like rin-i feel bad 4 her....
2) From Jet224:
"Which YuGiOh character do you like better, Joey or Kaiba?"
Joey! XD HE'S SO MUCH BETTA! he's not a nasty person like kaiba!-he's a nice guy! =^^=

oh-and btw-one of my friends had the answer right to which ygo character's b-day is coming up next month-.........ITS BAKURA/RYO! XD HORRAY!!! XD-but there's 1 thing im having truoble w/ about their b-day-sum ppl say that tere b-day is on the 2nd of sept or the 4-well i believ its the 2nd-wut about u guys? -(i need a lil help here XD) lol

and dont 4get to ask me questions! XD thnx! ^^

needing help~Teas Mini Twin ^_~

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Friday, August 19, 2005

   my pic....=D;;;
ok- this is a pic of me from camp (well u got to know which girl is me XD it s so obvious T_T;)
tecnically, this pic was taken b4 i had my scratch -yes i am wearing my kitty bells and my Di Gi Charat hat!(and im also wearing my Legend od Zelda shirt-but sumhow my arms are postioned the way they r(mayb i was embaressed of sumthing? :s;;) ^^ and i believe i was wearing a pony tail in this pic 2 (so thats why u cant see my hair =_=;)
jus letin u know -the 2 teens u see in the pic is my mommy and daddy ^^;;.....(its an inside jokel-lol-if u remember my post
(from i believ a month ago or sumthing), then u would get it lol-
and yes i hav braces =_=;

so that every1 knows, im hidious (is that how u spell it? o.O;)
yeah so wut if my nose is a little bumpy eh? lol i kinda like my nose XD
and so wut that im small! XD tee hee
and also that i hav chubby cheeks(a lil o.o;) lol

anyway i jus wanted to show every1 who i am 4 once(since it anit fair that every1 else on the otaku gets to show their own pic X| )

ok-so there r no questions 2day....*looks left and right* *sigh* -ok then tata! ^^
~Teas Mini Twin ^_~

ps-guess which ygo b-day is coming up next month?.......XD...... tomorrow i'll tell u the anser (if nobody knows lol)-kk byebye! ^^

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