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Saturday, April 29, 2006

yes-im going to a carnival that recently caame to town during the afternoon w/ my friend ellen (or popgirl from myo)-so idk if i can get to all of u guys or not >.< o well
and yeah im also seeing a play w/ her too after the carnival----i forgot what its called though O_O what an idiot i am!!! >_________<

anyway i watched my neighbor totoro....and.....its......THE MOST CUTEST MOVIE I'VE EVER SEEN!!! X//D omg i jus wana cuddle the two little girls X3 lol--belive it or not-does anyone no the actress Dakota Fanning?-she did the voice of the older sister Satsuki and dakota's little sister Elle Fanning did the voice of the little sister Mei. XD SOO CUUUTTTEEE

anyway-hope i can get to u all at some point kk?
JA!! >_<
~Teas Mini Twin ^_~

ps (...nobody has done this in a while but..) -u guys can ask me any question u like kk ^_^ and i'll answer for u!!

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Friday, April 28, 2006

   omfg a fire!!
omg..today their was a fire in the cafeteria kitchen.
apperently its pizza day right? because its friday, and they were haeting up the pizza and then like 2 pizza boxes caught on fire and everyone in the skool had to wait 20 mins outside and the fire truck came and all that.....yeah that was fun =___=;; lol

and today i got my retainers....now i sound like shelly (stans sister) from south park-its frikin hilarious XD;; lol but o well..at least these will help get my teeeth perfect

yesterday i bought 4 mangas....yes im VERY SPOILED IM SRY I GET MANGAS LIKE EVERY FRIKIN TUESDAY AND THURSDAY K!?!?1 >___< ...and then i bought the movie "my neighbor totoro" -i've been dying to see that movie for a while XD

and yeah...i gave jeff (my crush) a doller jus the heck of it--he was all like "does anyone have food?" (boys do this some of the time at skool when they;re hungry =_=;;)-im like-no, i only have money...sry..(because i bring my purse to skool like every girl does) and then he said "can i have a doller" (he gave me the face....<:( ....thats the face X//D) im like ".........<:( .....sure..." -and then he goes showing off the doller...XD i laughed to myself...

anyway im gonna visit u guys now kk?
~Teas Mini Twin ^_~

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

   new video!!!
OMG I MADE A YUGIXANZUXYAMI VIDEO NOW XD please watch it-(its the same song "every heart")-im sure the fruits basket version is much better than this one lol XP-but tell me what u think kk?

oh yeah.. i changed my theme <3 its yami malik X3---if u widen my site to a big page-u'll see yami malik in the corner (jus to let u all no)

btw---is the video thing for my post working at all for you guys? because it wont work for me...jus tell me if that works kk?

~Teas Mini twin ^_~

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

well...i have nuthing to really say agian...but i no that im gonna be sleeping over at my friends house today and seeing her play too!! (he hasta act as this drunk person.....X3 i bet its gonna be hilarious lmfao)

and yeah..i WILL be changing my theme...but not now. and yes-please watch my music video...-actually-laterr on during the day-im gonna be putting a yamixanzuxyugi video..so yea come back later kk? (its the same song...X3)

see ya peeps!!
~Teas Mini twin ^_~

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Friday, April 21, 2006

yes! yes! its here ^0^ (right above the post lol)

for those of u that didint watch it yesterday.......PLEASE WATCH IT X3--but im warning u now........their is a HUGE BEYOND HUGE SPOILER at the end of the vid. XD

thats all i havta say...and plus my cousins are over <3 lol

please comment on my movie!!

~Teas Mini Twin ^_~

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

yeah..i was sick today...not fun =_=;|||

anyway, nothin really happend....OH YEAH i made a fruist basket music video and its being uploaded as we speack on youtube.com..but..yeah..it has a HUUUUUUUGGEE BEYOND HUUUGGEE spoiler @ the end..so im worried every1 would be pissed w me.... >_<;;
dont worry..i'll show it to every1 tomoroow....

and yeah.....*cough* i bought 10 mangas 2 days ago..........

i bought
kare kano vol 19
yuyuhakasho vol 9
beauty is the beast vol 3
dr slump vols 6 and 7
kamichama karin vol 3
kamikaze kaito jeanne vol 2
full moon wo sagashite vol 5
and kingdom hearts vol 3
and the last vol of othello (vol 7)...speaking of othello.....i think that should be my new theme..w/ the bg song "automatic" my utada hikaru...idk y but i think that song matches well w/ the series...lol

anyway-im gonna visit u al now-ttyl!!
~Teas Mini Twin x_x

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

   what happend to him?
i was in class right...of corse jeff was their 1st period.....and then i didnt see him for the rest of the day..(or in my last period clas-or LUNCH TIME!)..very akward...>_<;

omfg u wana no the most funniest thing ever? two kids in my english class, half of the period they were trying to kill a fly XD (it was distracting them) it was so funny! XP and my teacher tried to stop them...and then they tried to kill it agian....my teacher jus watched themm.....XD and then they eventually killed it X3;; poor fly...btw the fly landed in this girls hair.. i dont feel bad for her >:D *point and laughs* ahahahahahahaahahahhaha-bitch ^_^ (this was before the fly was killed.....)

yeah thats my WONDERFUL story of the day...<3 yeppers...

in art class im making this logo thing for a t-shirt and i made Anzu's head--ITS SO AWESOME! O_O my teacher was like "i love how you draw this anime stuff!" (lol my teacher's hot.....
^//^ lol -moving on

i brought my cat, Joey(yes thats his actual name...lol), outside w/ a leash on (i do this once in a while) so he can get some freash air because cats stay indoors all their life and i feel bad for him =_=; and he loves the outdoors! once he gets outside he falls to the ground and rolls around XP its so adorable!-but now he would runn out side and run over to the side porch o_O...yeah..lol-(he's not dumb-he started meowing to get inside for crying out loud becuaae he knows he's alone >_<)

and thats it ^_^ ttyl!
~Teas mini Twin ^_~

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Monday, April 17, 2006

   this is so freakishy awesome!!
i jus rrecently discovered yesterday that my cousin (who is 21 years old) has a girlfriend named Mai....O_O (doesnt that remind you of someone?......come on ...yugioh....mai kujaku? lol) well it makes sense she's japanese-BUT -AWESOME!! XD she's really nice too!! they've been out for a year alreay!! (i hadnt see my cousin in a while so i wouldnt have known)

my cousins are coming over! yay! but sadly i havta finish my homework before tomoorw because this is my last day on break ;_; i no..sad....>_<....

anyway im glad u loved my pics ^0^ lol-i forgot to show one more.......<3 lol (now ur REALLY gonna hate me for this one ^_~)

hey stopin cheating on Yami, Anzu!! XP

arent u amazed? XD mwhahahahaah-yeah i also have pics of yami malikxshizuka too!!-(two of them r the sameas the yami malikxanzu ones so yeah...i dont havta show u those...)
(im a so-so fan of these two lol)

O_O STOP TOUCHING HIM U BITCH!! *bitch-slaps her*

this is different..he's holding her hands

dont let go ^_^

come on u gotta admit..this is cute XD


and yeah..thats it..-if u wanna see more pics of either YMxanzu or YMxshizuka...go here
(btw-u'll see "yugioh music video" on there..dont go there becuase nothin is there..(see my vid. wont work on there either O_O)


(jus copy and paste it lol)
and ps-the other YMxanzu pics are NOT done i repeat NOT done by me-i fond them on this site that nobody ever goes on...(sad) lol
~Teas Mini Twin ^_~

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

   happy easterr ^_^
happy easter everyone!!
yes..........x_x eck. my throut hurts very badly idk y. \:( yeah not having fun there lol. my mom and bro are picking up my uncle(yes he's still in the hospice..) for easter today.....you wanna know sumthing weird? witht the kind of cancer that my uncle has, noone has survived this long before...and my uncle is still struggling to live...he's so lucky that he's lived this long... it would be a miracle if he survived this....
the last time i saw him he wasnt like....dying anymore because he was all gloomy, depressed, feeling sickly yaddayaddayadda (u get the idea) and now he's so much better....but he still has the cancer though-its not operable...he could still die right now...im worried...

and im going w/ my dad today for easter because since my parants are divorced, every other year we spend time w/ whoever for easter..and this year im spending time w/ dad and everyone on his side of the family. i need to know what time he's picking us(my bro and sis and me) up though and he never called my brother back.....what a moron =_=;


momiji: :3 *gives candy to every1* *leaves*


yeah i got a bx of reeses eggs XD and i got 50 dolloers. oh yeah im so rich XP lol-j/k

..specking of reeses i only have one left....o_O;;;;;;;;;;; i got to stop eating them!

anyway-i finally hav an account @ photobuket.com now...and i merged some pics together (lmao-ur all gonna kill me for this is u are a yamixanzu fan.....XD)



the only thing i hate about this one is that i messd up on marik's pinky :X oops...

(maybe i should use this one as a wallpaper for myo....lol)

lol-i no this looks crappy but its the best i could make ^-^;

idk...i made jus a simple pic XP lol

oh yeah he wants to get it on w/ her ^0~ *wink wink*-but seriously i think its cute! X3


ok we're done :D lol

and yes i got a question ^0^
From Wing Moon:
"Which song of her's do you like?"

i assume u mean which one of celine dion's songs? lol well i love th esongs "the power of love" and "If walls could talk" (if u never heard of that song before-its from her album "all the way"..yeah...lol-i can jus give u the lyrics to "if walls could talk" now-here you go: (or jus go to lyrics.com... o_o;)

Can you keep a secret?

These walls keep a secret
That only we knew
But how long can they keep it?
'Cause we're two lovers who lose control

We're two shadows chasing rainbows
Behind closed windows
Behind closed doors

If walls could talk, Oh
They would say 'I want you more'
They would say 'hey, never felt like this before'
And that you'll always be
The one for me

Just two people making memories
Just too good to tell
And these arms are never empty
When we're lying where we fall
We're painting pictures, making magic,
taking chances, making love

If walls could talk, Oh
They would say 'I want you more'
They would say 'hey, never felt like this before'
And that you'll always be
The one for me
If walls had eyes, my
They would see the love inside
They would see, me
In your arms in ecstasy
And with every move they'd know
I love you so

When I'm feeling weak
You give me wings
When the fire has no heat
You light it up again
When I hear no violins
You play my every string

So stop the press
Hold the news
The secret's safe between me and you
Walls, can you keep a secret?

If walls could talk, Oh
They would say 'I want you more'
They would say 'hey, never felt like this before'
And that you'll always be
The one for me
If walls had eyes, my
They would see the love inside
They would see, me
In your arms in ecstasy
And with every move they'd know
I love you so

Oh I love you baby
Love you so honey
In your arms in ecstasy
If they could only see you and me baby
Just you and me baby

so beatiful...XD lol-u GOT to hear that song

anyway-see ya l8ter ^_^
~Teas Mini Twin ^_~

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

   oh yeah my braces are off!
I GOT MY BRACES OFF!!!! XD HORRAY!!!!!!! (i had to leave like early in the mornin o_O;;;)
i feel like a whole nnew person now!!! *sigh* but sadly i need a retainer (this will suck =_=;) lol
my aunt and grammy r coming over to stay for one night (u no....easter....they're staying over for easter....lol)

anyway- im glad u ppl missed me!!! i missed u all too!!
hm....i need to put up more fanart..i've gotten SO much betteer O_O and guess what? i made 3 anime music videos so im trying to put it all up on youtube.com-but for some reason after it was all uploeaded it said that the format is invalied...wtf? but i then put the videos in a different part of my doucuments and now it should work....hopefully...if anyone can help me that'll be great!

or..if anyone wants to watch my AMVs(anime music videos)-please pm me and then we could talk on line or w/e and i'll send it to you from there

lol-imm listening to celeine dion ^0^ -i mean i just @ her concert two days ago and now i got REALLY addicted to her music >_<;; oh yeah go me. lol

oh!!!! i got vol 13 of fruits basket form my dad...it was the last book that m dad ordered from last year (if u remember my dad ordered 5 of the books last year and the 13th book is the last one i got for now..) -but i already read online ^-^ lol--i'll still collect the manga though...(yes i have already read up to vol 18......O___O;;;;;;--go under google and put down fruits basket scanlations and then u'll see this site that says "spectrum" on it--u'll see)

anyway-im gonna visit u all now ^_^ ttyl!!
~Teas Mini Twin ^_~

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