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Wednesday, August 3, 2005

   sry! XD
hey! sry i wasnt on yesterday -i decided to skip a day on the otaku and play super smash bros. meelee (SUCH AN AWESOME GAME! XD) i miss playing that game...;_; (i love using link/young link as my character XD)
today my friend played "My Immortal" and "Hello" (by evanescence) on the piano and viloin (SHE'S SO AWESOME! XD) its really kuel! ^^

Question time!!!!
1) From Jet224:
"What is your favorite candy?"
HEHEHEHEHE-REECEES PENUT PUTTER CUPS! XD LOL.....(is that even a candy? o.O;;;;-well its the only thing i love in this world lol)
2) From Xx beth xX:
"What is your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! episode?"
..................(@_____@) uh...i kinda hav alot of fav episodes...but my top fav episode is when the show flashbacks of odion's past (cause its like-really sad and it shows Malik and Ishizu's mother in it 4 once (she's actually pretty (=_= im such a nerd) and it shows how the mother died like right after malik was born and the showed malik as a baby! XD KAWAIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD AHAHAHHA! ITS FUNY BUT KAWAIII!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD AHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! *CRYS OF LAUGHTER* AND YEAH- i feel bad 4 odion ;_; (OH! AND THEY ALSO SHOW ISHIZU AS A BABY 2! XD -and odion ;_;
and heres odion...all alone ...;_;(well its not such a big pic-but o well =_=;):
3) From MokubaKaiba:
"Why is pee yellow?" o.O;;;; Y U ASKING ME! XD LOLOL well it is a question....uh...i guess pee is yellow cause of the food that we ate? O.o;;;; XD IDK! XD
4)AND LAST QUESTION! From Hugthemomiji:
" Why is Pegasus gay?"
(i asume its probly the pegasus from ygo =_=;)
uh....he's probly gay because
a) he say's "boy" @ the end of anybody's name like yugi-boy, kaiba boy lol
b) well he dose like cartoons (like Funny Buny (if u dont know wut the hell it is, read vol. 5/6 of ygo duelist or on the t.v. series they showed it-but i 4got the episode =_=;
but i dont really think he's truly gay. he did get married to Cecelia (if u dont know who she is, WATCH THE SERIES! XD) so i dont really think he's all gay..yeah-.... but mayb he's BI? o.o;

welp thats it 4 now! ^^-please ask more questions if ya want! ^^
Outta here~Teas Mini Twin ^_~

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Monday, August 1, 2005

ok! 1st, b4 i answer every1's questions from yesterday, i want to talk 1st lol XD-ok on saterday (around 1:30) i left w/ my bffs (XD-NOT BIG FAT FREAKs! XD))from camp and went to the movies to see "Sky High". it was actually a pretty good movie! o.o and there was this guy in the movie (2 guys actually) who were pretty cute looking-NO NOT THE MAIN CHARACTER EWEWWWW!!! >.<;
and yesterday i left around 3 to got to the beach to eat and hang out there. i went w/ my whole family o.o;;;;;; (yeah-there was a whooolllee buncha ppl there =_=;) and i swam in the beach water! AND CAUGHT CRABS! XD LOL IT WAS FUN! XD

ok-now i can go on w/ the questions:
1) From Jet224:
"Who do you like better, Tea (Anzu) or Bakura?"
OH GOD!!!! O.o; IDK!!! XD........but i think i;lll stick to bakura :D lol
2) From YamiYugi1990:
"Why is the sky blue?"
WUT THE!?!? XD lol im jus kiddin-yeah i remember this question-but in think the sky is blue is mayb because god made it that way? o.O;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
3) From MokubaKaiba:
"What do you think of me?"
*talking towards mokubakaiba*hmmmmmmm- well i think ur a very interesting person, and u sure r a funny one to! ^^ lol-some posts u make jus make me laugh! XD lol-i think ur an awesome person! xD (AND EVERY1 ELSE!!!!!! O.O;)

thanx so much 4 the questions! ^^ u can ask more if u like! ^^ lol

~Teas Mini Twin ^_~

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Sunday, July 31, 2005

HELLO! ^^ uh, well, i dont really hav anything to say =-=; lol all im gonna say is that im leaving around 2:00 to go visit my otha grandma that i see every otha weekend and my father 2.-well jus t 4 fun-im jus gonna ask questions (like every1 else on the otaku is doin)
1)if u could b any anime person thats ur oppostie sex( IT HASTA B UR OPPOSITE SEX!) who would u be?
2)wut manga series do u have (u can even put ALL of ur manga series that u hav)
3)uh....wuts ur fav tv show? o.o; (not anime)

ok-well here u go! ^^-OH AND PLEASE ASK ME ANY QUESTION U WANT! ^^ (like every1's doin now-a-days lol)

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Saturday, July 30, 2005

   i did such an awesome job...^^
ahhhhh....my play is finally ova ....4 now-i also hav annotha performance on the 10th.-but i still did a great job!!most ppl laughed @ my scenes (is that how u spell it? o.o;) XD IT WAS GREAT!!! XD LOLOL-oh and im sry i dint update yesterday because of my performance,my mom leaving to go to Lake George and my Grandmother coming to take care of me and my brother-and we went to Red Lobster....but i dont like seafood that much though...i jus had popcorn shrimp-it was kinda good...-BUT THE MASHED PTOTATOS WAS EVEN BETTA THAN THAT SHRIMP! XD LOL
oh-and uh-remember that 4 my b-day my dad ordered the fruits basket manga books vol. 9,10,11,12 and 13? well its kinda weird but, i didnt get vol. 11 in the mail yet-but the book is already in stores....how's THAT possible?! becasue i normally get it before it comes out in stores! >.< talk about weird....
and i also feel left out on the otaku because not alot of ppl r visitn me.....;_;....(uh,did i already say that in otha posts? o.o; sry.......
well-i'll get to ya sites when i go on the otha comp.

thinkin~Teas Mini Twin ^_~

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

   anotha great day! ^^
yupyup! i had anotha great day! ^^-i FINALLY know my lines 4 my play by heart(w/out making a little mistake), and my play starts 2morrow! WISH ME LUCK!!!!! XD
some kids in my theater classs also dressed up as som ppl from certain plays, movies and such (like from the wizard of oz, phantom of the opera, etc...)-it was really funny/pretty how they dressed up-but all i did was wear my Link shirt and my Di Gi Charat hat! XD lol
hopefully i can visit ya'll today-im visiting my father agian =_=; i always see him on tues. and thurs. (and every otha sun.) so i might hav the time 2 visit all of u.

Wish me luck~ Teas Mini Twin ^_~


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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

   hello agian!
hey! im sry that i didnt get to all of ya sites yesterday-i had to visit my father T-T; yes my parants r divorced-(im sure most of u know that already lol ^^)
so nothin really big happended 2day-well thank the lord that the prepy gurls werent bothering us 2day (ITS A FREAKING MIRACLE! XD)-my 1st play starts this friday! XD YAY! XD LOL-i know all of my lines 2! XD
oh yeah!-uh soon im getting a housekeeper =_=; yeah i know its weird-but my mom needs more help around the house (because its so dam big! >.<;;;)-the lady is starting to work w/ us next wed.-*sigh* i hope it'l go well ^^
I FINALLY FINISHED MY PAINTING IN PAINTING CLAASS YAYY!!! XD LOL its so pretty (=_=;) but its jsu a mouth lol

lol-and please comment more on my site because i feel left out now (since i jus got back from all the busyness lol)

ttyl! ^^~Teas Mini Twin ^_~
PS!!-I MADE THIS REALLY HISTERICAL GAME-ok- all u havta do is hav a regular conversation-and @ the end of the sentence u havta end w/ "in my pants" or "in my bed" XD TRY IT! XD LOLOLLOLOLOL.LOLOL
PSS-bakura's hot.......'in my pants XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD" -i jus HAD TO SAY THAT! XD

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

   hello peeps! ^^
hey!!! how is every1? thanx so much 4 commenting yesterday-it really ment alot to me-oh-and i put up more quiz results on the quiz result section........BEWARE! >.< DO NOOOTT GO TO PAGE 2,3,4,5,6
! >.< THE HORROR!! XD (to asianboy0254: DONT U DARE TELL THEM WUTS THERE-let them experience wut they r about to see! ^^ lololollol =XD= )
anyway- @ art class @ camp-there was this punk boi who keeps on talking and talking about shit and stuff-me and my best buddies in the world, from camp , and i were talking about anima and such-then the stupid boi in our class was like :"y do u like anime and such-i mean-its jus freakin cartoons-(how lame)" i got very upset (and especially my freind laura, because one day she wants to become a Manga-ka-and she told that it feels like that her dream was destroyed-i felt so sad in my heart- my heart was crying ;_; (well i didnt cry in public though >.<-but i could've if i wanted to)-i really do feel bad 4 her...;_;-(oh god im gonna start crying).-please pray 4 her that one day she can become a manga-ka-SHE'S A RRREEEEAAALLLYYY GREAT MANGA ARTIST! XD U GOTTA SEE THEM! XDLOL.

ok-every day @ camp we hav this specail assembly because ppl from all over the world come and perform. and me and my friends sat down-and these preppy slutty looking gurls sit behind us and keep on botherin us! I WAS SOO FREAKING PISSED OFF! THEY KEPT ON POKIN US-ASKED 4 OUR NAMES-WANTED TO TAKE MY MANGA BOOKS AWAY----BUT THHHEEENNNN!!!-------ALLEUGIAH! WE WERE SAVED! XD (seriously) this guy that worked @ my camp came and sat w/ us! XD i told him! XD THANK U SO FREAKING MUCH! XD THOSE GURLS R REALLY BOTHEREIN US! >.< CAN U SIT W/ US 4 NOW ON?!
well-now i hav a betta day! ^^
i'll try to visit ya'll 2day! ^^

Much betta now~ Teas Mini Twin ^_~

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Monday, July 25, 2005

   IMM SO SRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!! HEY YA'LL! IM SSO SRY 4 NOT BEING HERE!!!!!! >.< I'VE BEEN SO FREAKING BUSY!!!!!!!!-i was still working on my play crap and all @ camp-*its hard to memorize things >.<;;;*-so apperently my play is gonna start on the 10th of august and yeah lol- i got the 10th book of fruits baskets(if anyone was wondering-lol-the 11th book should b coming in soon)-i got this new manga called "Full Moon Wo Sagasgite"-if u think its O Sagashite-ya all wrong T_T;-its tecnically "WO SAGASHITE!"-yeah -its an awesome story-i recomend it to all of ya! ^^
im getting anotha kitten soon! (YAY! AND 4 ONCE ITS A GIRL! XD) lol-oh!!! i went to the Mets vs. Dogers game on sat.-IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!! XD LOL-I REALLY ENJOYED IT!!!-
oh-and btw, if anyone was wondwering y else i had no time to go on the otaku-its because i switched outta my old bedroom-because my bro's new bedroom was gonna b in the basement (some men worked in the basement 4 a whole year and finally finished it)-so now i sleep in my bro's old bedroom! ^^-ITS SOO BIG!!!-(I EVEN HAVE MY OWN LIBRARY IN MY GIANT CLOSET! XD)

well-im gonna go visit yall kk?-see ya! ^^
Now bac in action, Teas Mini Twin ^_~

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Thursday, July 7, 2005

OMGOMG IM SO SRY!!!! IM SO SRY IVE BEEN GONE 4 SO LONG!! O.O;;;;; I HAVE TA PRACTICE 4 MY PLAYS AND SUCH @ MY CAMP AND DO MY FREAKING ART PROJECT TOO!!!! O.O; IM SRYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X((and thanx 4 the ppl who came and visited me while i was gone ^^)-....lol idk wut to say.....lol-well i feel bad cause i dont have alot of time on the comp. to visit all of ya-but plaes visit me (even when im gone ^^ lol)-

busy o.o;~Teas Mini Twin ^_~

ps-there are stalkers @ my camp....o.o;they're both in my art class- (i nickednamed them bevus(idk how to spell it) and butthead.......u can guess where thats from lol =>=;)

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

LOL! CAMP WAS SO MUCH FUN AGIAN! XD LOL-CHIT-CHATING W/ MY NEW BFF'S.......*PFFFTT* me and friends made a joke about "bff"-to us-its anotha tern-like-"Big Fat Freak" or "Big Fat F@#%$" XD XDlol-but i stick with the term- BEST FRIEND FOREVEA-caus ei dont want any1 to b offened or anything ;_;-
so anyway-suprisingly, i found the di gi charat hat @ borders yesterday! XD YAY! -and then the couple w/ the di gi charat hats from yesterday saw me wearing my yuki hat-(yes i was wearing my yuki hat today ^^)and they came up to me and said "omg-ur the girl from yesterday-u like di gi charat right!?'-apperently i said yes. and then i showed the di gi charat hat i got-and they replied "OMG!-KUEL!-HEY! U WANNA B OUR DAUGHTER?!"-in my head i was like "wtf?!"-i said".......ok?"-then they hugged me and left-i was like-"wuteva"-so yeah-that was my day! ^^ lol ttyl!

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