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myOtaku.com: tears of ryoko

Thursday, June 29, 2006

i'm so sunburnt.... i was out in the sun cuz i was swimming over a friend's house on a saturday (anime night on cartoon network) my eyes are kinda still swelled shut... can someone tell me what happened on IGPX, Eureca 7 and um...... ummmmmmm.......... what ghost in the shell episode came on? oh yah and please tell me what happened on Naruto too. that was a week ago... oh, i was over my sister's house and i left my bag in the car and someone took it! it had my anime cds which took me hours to burn and download.... and my baithing suit and towl oh yah and my cd player and headphones... and that was my fav bag too! it was my fma bag!!!!!!
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