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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Why, hello there.
Hello there everyone. It's been a long while hasn't it? 2 years? Hahaha. Myesss. Lots of things have happened over the last 2 years, I guess. I switched schools thrice, went on vacation twice, my father died, and a friend died just 4 days ago. Things are going crazy here. Myess. Crazy. So, how are you all doing? I'd love to know. Mwahahhaa. Myess. Yes... Yeah.
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Friday, July 1, 2005

Hello there!... Yes, you! The one staring at the screen!
Well, I'm in a good mood today so I figured that I should update. Yeah...-_-;. Well nothing special happened so far this summer, but I'm okay with that. No, really. But sometimes I wonder why nothing happens here. It gets really boring. Everyday it's the same thing, get up, eat, internet, sleep.... at 5am. So yeah. That's the average day for me. If there's school, just squeeze school time in between eat and internet. Oh, and throw out the homework. We don't need that now.......*ahem* Now that I'm in a good mood, I shall give you all a random story. It's so random that I don't know what I was on when I wrote it -_-;. So yeah. Here it is.


I ran as far as I could. He was following me. I couldn't take it anymore. He finally caught up to
me and tried to talk me into getting in his van. "No thanks, I'd rather not fly to the moon," I replied.
"Well, if it's ok, I'd like to see your licence and registration please."
I watched in shock as he pulled out a beeper. I knew this was the end.

"No way!!" I screamed. "I will not give in to your horrible fleas Mr. Garfield!!"
"Oh, but you must! Join the really, really dark side!!"
"Ok. You have forced me to take drastic measures." Mr. Garfield slowly reached into his fridge and pulled out
a week old slab of meatloaf.

The meatloaf stunk like an old hobo's dung. I couldn't take the stench. I gave in.
I gave in to the really, really darkside.

"I now dub you, 'Dub Yo'. King of all meatloaf!"
I accepted my title and grabbed the leftover meatloaf, in search of
my first victim.

As the god of meatloaf, I waltzed through the city with my nose held high.
People watched me in awe. I spotted my first victim. He fainted of the stench before
I got any closer. I saw a glimpse of fear in his eyes.. or rigormortis. I let out a cry of victory,
claiming the man my servant of meat.

The next victim was not so easily caught. I was fighting against the god of
Cheese. Yes, that's right. Cheese. His cheesy goodness almost defeated me.
But I was victorious in the end. From that day, no one ever went up against me,
the God of Meatloaf.

This was madness. They were letting her take my title! My own people! I couldn't
believe my eyes. I called upon my remaining servants and readied them for battle.
The battle lasted for 15 seconds. My enemys were now faries. I bottled the up and laughed
at them. Before you know it, that idiot Link rips out of a portal and requests for the faries for
his 'great battle'. I laughed and sealed him in a magical lamp, where he will be never seen

A few millenniums passed before my next challange arose. A man, claiming himself
to be the king of darkness pranced around my kingdom of meat, gaining followers while
he was at it. Of course he wasn't a real threat to my kingdom. No one could bring down the
kingdom of meat. But I was wrong. Oh so wrong.

Luckily for me, there was a secret organization called 'Meat R Us', which is not
so secret anymore because I told you about it. They were an agency, filled with meat,
with the experience, know-how, and meat to handle my little dilemma. The they finished
my enemy and the traitorous followers in one fell swoop. I proved once again that
the kingdom of meat couldn't be defeated. Not ever.

There you go. One random story to go..Enjoy.

[EDIT]=Oh yeah. If you guys have some time on your hands, could you join my friend's forum? If you can, here it is: Forum Holic

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Saturday, May 21, 2005

   Phew......its been a while...
I really ought to update more often. Anyway, the cut in my mouth healed up nicely. I've begun playing FFVIII again. It's nice to play as Squall again. Friday was my last day of school until graduation. I really hope I graduate. I'm pretty sure that I will, but I'm just a bit nervous about it. Hope you all have a good time! ^^
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Friday, April 15, 2005

....Hello again. I think I cut myself with a plastic spoon while eating. More details later... ow.
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Friday, March 11, 2005

Yay! I'm offically 14 as of 2 days ago. DMC3 is great too! You guys should buy it. In school we celebrated my friends birthday too! So thats 2 birthday celebrations in one day. Cool. Other than that, it was a pretty normal day today. Not much going on.... Man, I seriously need a life... Meh, more games for me!
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Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Thought I was dead, huh? Bwahaha! I will never die! Never!
*dies* X_X *fanfare*.

...Ooo-kay.. how did I do that?.. Yeah, well I'm not dead yet anyway. Woo. I'm gonna be 14. Woo. Just 2 more days. Woo. I'm gonna get DMC3: Dante's Awakening. WOO!
Yeah, that's it. I know, I'm, like, sooo boring, huh?...

8(x+y)- 112(x+y)=(8-112)(x+y)
I suck at math.

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Sunday, January 9, 2005

   Big Party!!
Yup, yesterday there was this big party that lasted until 1am! Real fun and stuff. My classmate and some of her sisters and friends came over. We played Tekken Tag for the whole day. It got real boring real quick. Whenever I started winning(I'm like a god at Tekken, so I never lost), they would get mad. Well, not the kind of sore loser mad, just a playful kind of mad.

After we played that, I made them watch FLCL. All of them freaked out, except for Charlene, cause she already watched it. I wanted to watch Super Milk Chan, but they wanted to watch the rest of the FLCL episodes.

I pretty much had a good time yesterday. That was probably the fifth party I had this month! Phew.. Well, I hope you guys are all having a good time too! Oh! And before I forget, here are the lyrics to the background music.

KoRn- Freak on a Leash
Album- Follow The Leader

Something takes a part of me.
Something lost and never seen.
Everytime I start to believe,
Somethingís raped and taken from me... from me.
Lifeís got to always be messing with me. (you wanna see the light)
Canít they chill and let me be free? (so do I)
Canít I take away all this pain. (you wanna see the light)
I try to every night, all in vain... in vain.
Sometimes I cannot take this place.
Sometimes itís my life I canít taste.
Sometimes I cannot feel my face.
Youíll never see me fall from grace
Something takes a part of me.
You and I were meant to be.
A cheap f*ck for me to lay
Something takes a part of me.
Feeling like a freak on a leash. (you wanna see the light)
Feeling like I have no release. (so do I)
How many times have I felt diseased? (you wanna see the light)
Nothing in my life is free... is free
Sometimes I cannot take this place.
Sometimes itís my life I canít taste.
Sometimes I cannot feel my face.
Youíll never see me fall from grace
Something takes a part of me.
You and I were meant to be.
A cheap f*ck for me to lay
Something takes a part of me.
Boom na da mmm dum na ema
Da boom na da mmm dum na ema
Da boom na da mmm dum na ema
Da boom na da mmm dum na ema
Da boom na da mmm dum na ema
Da boom na da mmm dum na ema
Da boom na da mmm dum na ema
Da boom na da mmm dum na ema
Da boom na da mmm dum na ema
Da boom na da mmm dum na ema
Da boom na da mmm dum na ema
Da boom na da mmm dum na ema
Da boom na da mmm dum na ema
So...fight! something on the...
Fight...some things they fight
So...something on the...
Fight...some things they fight
Fight...something of the
No...some things they fight
Fight...something of the...
Fight...some things they fight
Something takes a part of me.
You and I were meant to be.
A cheap f*ck for me to lay
Something takes a part of me.
Part of me...
Part of me...
Part of me...

The part when Jon starts singing his gibberish kinda reminds me of Bevis and Butthead. Actually, he sounds like Bevis in my opinion.

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Saturday, January 8, 2005

Happy New Year everyone!(even though it is a little too late for that..) Sorry for the lack of updates. My life hasn't been very interesting lately. Anyway, I got my haircut today!! Yay! My hair is short again! I even tipped my barber(as usual)! Yup. I also got Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater for Christmas! Isn't that great!? Of course it is. I think. Well, yeah. I guess that's all that happened. Pretty dull, huh? I guess I'll make sure to post more often. I also changed the background music to KoRn's Freak on a Leash. Tell me if it works out for you.
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Monday, December 20, 2004

Please, PLEASE DON'T CLICK THAT. I'm warning you......It will unleash the evil that is...well evil. You know what, just click it. Yes, I said it. Click it now. It's actually very interesting. I'm sure you'll love it. Hehehe... *Bursts into laughter and disappears into a void of darkness*

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Sunday, December 19, 2004

A bit of everything

Created by mamasmurf and taken 121 times on bzoink!

SexYes please....oh, that! I mean male.
Hair colorJet black
Eye colorBrown
Zodiac signPieces
Heritage/nationalityJapanese, Filipino, Spanish, and Chinese
Person your named afterI dunno...
People you live withMy mom and dad.
TV ShowViva La Bam!
Video GameFinal Fantasy series
MovieThe Matrix(I like all of them, including The Animatrix)
FoodOne giant slab of beef.
Room in the houseUmmm.....mine?
Cuss WordUmm...F*ck!
Pizza ToppingPepperoni!
ShampooThe one I stole from your bathroom.
HairsprayI don't use any.
CDCan't choose.
Late night activityUsing the internet.
Number666! Muahahahaha!
SongThe Pillows- Carnival
Starbucks beverageCan't choose.
Are you for or Against...
Drunk Drivingagainst
Legalizing Drugsagainst
Death PenaltyPthhhhh...(Translation:I dunno..-_-')
Illegal immigrantsHuh?
Premarital sexYes please!
HippiesSteve O used to be a hippie....
Clothes on dogsWhy?!(against)
School UniformsI have to wear one..I hate it.
Public SchoolsSure.
SpamThe food?
Gay MarragePthhhhhhhh.......
SlaveryNo.No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No.
Interracial RelationshipsWhy not?
Arranged MarriagesNo.
De-forestationAsk the hippies.
Gun controlPthhhhh....
ZoosWhy not?
Organic FarmingWhy not?!
Affirmative actionThe hell you talking about?
Britney SpearsHELL FRIGGIN NO!
Chuck Taylor'sWho?
Genetically Modified cropsYeah, sure....
Tommy HilfigerWhatever
The Atkins DietWhat?
Victoria's Secret modelsWhat's so secret about Victoria's stuff?
The funny oneMe and Robert
The weird oneMe
The dumbassJared and Simon
The nerdMostly Jared
The rockerMe and Robert
The crazy oneME!
The drama QueenUmmmm...no.
The athleteMichael
The writerMe.
The poetNope.
The shy onePeter
The prepUmmmm....no.
The prom queenNope
The rebelMe and Robert.
The druggieNo.
This or That
Jello or PuddingPUDDING!!
AIM or MSNPthhh...
hotmail or yahooWhichever
Carpet or hardwoodHardwood
Cats or DogsDogs
Fish or miceFish
Wine or beerBEER!!!
Abercrombie or Hot TopicHot Topic!
Cake or piePie!
Kisses or hugsBoth!
Golf or PokerPoker!
Shower or bathBath
Kinky or notNo.
Independent Films or Big Company FilmsHuh?
Spoons or ForksSporks!!!
Do you...
Drink diet pop*vomits*
Eat a lot of junk foodYeah.
Watch soap oprasCowboy Bebop.(It's a soap opera with guns)
Watch CSINope
Wear make upnope
Take napsNot really.
Own a cell phoneYeah
Have a jobno
When was the last time you
CursedLike....5 minutes ago.
Had sexNo(For shame!!!)
Went to the mallFeels like forever
AteAbout 30min ago.
Went into a chat roomSame as mall.
Drank alcoholLike...last year or so.
Went bowlingSame as mall.
Had a sleep over2yrs ago.
Got arrestedNo.
Watched a pornCan't remember...
Stared in a porn...........
Went to the moviesI can't remember.
Told someone a secretYesterday
Gave someone a giftThursday.
Had a gift given to youThursday
Brushed your teethThis morning
Died your hair3rd grade
Gave adviceYesterday
Word Association
FrogJoseph Blanchette(If you go to Newgrounds, you know who this is)
Ice CubeDrink
PillowRide on Shooting Star

Create a Survey | Search Surveys | Go to bzoink!

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