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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 05/28/08:
Thought so.

You Belong in New York
You're a girl on the go, and LA's laid back lifestyle isn't really your thing.
You prefer a city that never sleeps, and people as ambitious as you are.
Cultured and street smart, you can truly appreciate everything New York has to offer.

Result Posted on 05/28/08:

You Are a Crossword Puzzle
You are well read, and you have a good head for remembering facts.
You are a wordsmith. You have a way with words, and you're very literate.
You are a mysterious person who enjoys dropping little clues every now and then.

Result Posted on 05/28/08:

You Are Fairly Normal
You scored 55% normal on this quiz

Like most people you are normal in some ways...
But you aren't a completely normal person. You're a little weird too!

Why You Are Normal:

You eat the frosting first

You think glasses can make someone more attractive

You would rather be pale than tan

If given the choice, you would choose to have more money over more time

You prefer a good meal to a good nap

Why You Aren't Normal:

You prefer your family to your friends

You would rather be a movie star than an astronaut

You prefer flat potato chips.

You rather screw someone over than be screwed over

You find the Chicken Dance to be the more embarrassing dance

Result Posted on 05/28/08:

The Recipe For TaNi
3 parts Tease
2 parts Wisdom
1 part Ambition

Splash of Cleverness


Result Posted on 05/28/08:
Oooh. How accurate.

You Are Spearmint Flavored Gum
You are a mystery to most people, even your friends.
Cool and a bit aloof, you tend to be a bit removed from the world.

And while you keep to yourself, you're no shrinking violet.
You have a strong personality, and you'll speak your mind when the time is right.

You are competent in all aspects of life. You're attractive, successful, and charming.
Many people want to be your friend, but you consider few people to be your true friends.

Result Posted on 05/28/08:
Hm. That's good.

You Make a Good First Impression
You probably are making a much better impression than you realize.
Social situations can be a bit awkward for you at times, and you tend to over think what you say and do.
If you make a social faux pas, you remember it a lot longer than anyone else does.

Just relax and do your best. There are little things you can do to improve your social image.
Express more of an interest in the people around you, and be a good listener.
The secret of fascinating people is that they find everyone else fascinating!

Result Posted on 05/28/08:
'kay. Whatever.

You Are Somewhat Virtuous
You are occasionally a good person, but you often stop short at doing the right thing.
It's just a lot easier (and more fun) to be bad! You do have a reputation to uphold.

Deep down, you're a fairly good person. But no one's perfect.
You're just a lot less perfect than most people!

Where You Are Virtuous

You have the virtue of Cleanliness. You keep yourself and your home clean.

You have the virtue of Humility. You don't boast or brag.

You have the virtue of Moderation. You don't do anything at excess, and you avoid extremes

Where You Are Not Virtuous

You lack the virtue of tranquillity. Your life tends to be eventful and dramatic.

You lack the virtue of Resolution. You often don't follow through with things you know you must do.

You lack the virtue of Frugality. You tend to spend and waste money freely.

Result Posted on 05/28/08:
True. True.

What Your Taste in Music Says About You
Your musical tastes are reflective and complex.
You are intellectual to the point of being cerebral.

You are very open to new experiences, and even more open to new ideas and theories.
Wisdom and personal accomplishment are important to you.

You are naturally sophisticated. You are drawn to art, especially art by independent artists.
You are likely to be financially well off... and not because you were born that way.

Result Posted on 05/28/08:
Hell yah!

Your Ice Cream Personality:
You are a bit of a bragger. Your personality is larger than life - and you really enjoy showing off.

You are the type of person who likes to throw caution to the wind. You only live once, so you're going to live as large as possible. You are definitely a wild one!

You are a fairly open minded person with a wide range of tastes. You are quite accepting of unusual ideas and people.

You tend to have a one track mind. You prefer not to multitask.

You can be a big dramatic and over the top sometimes. You are bold in every way

Result Posted on 05/28/08:
Yay! The drawing doesn't look like him, though. :(

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