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Welcome to my guestbook. Please be polite and constructive when you sign this. Be warned that it is strictly against myOtaku.com's policy to sign guestbooks for the sole purpose of promoting your own site.

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WinryChick (08/13/08)

I love your site! It's so cute. Where did you get the code?

chibilala (08/07/08)

WOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!! EEEIII!!! LOOKIE LOOKIE!!! A YAOI FAN GIRL!!! plain AWESOMENESS. QUICK MELLO!! put me down!! *gets off Mello's back* WOW. this is an EPIC dicovery!! yaoi... hehehehehhemuahahahAHHAAHAHHAHA!!! just makes everything better. BDDD and.. on top of that.. youre a DEATH NOTE FAN. *high 5* heehee. TaNi-san... do you like chocolate? you can have some if you want. *hands some to you* here you go! *Mello holds up his gun* MELLO!!! I HAVE SOME HERE!! DONT SHOOT HER!!! *steals ur chocolate* damn Mello... jeez. *Mello picks up chibilala and runs off* WAIT!!! IM NOT DONE TALKING!!! *reaches for you* I HOPE TO SEE YOU AGAIN...!!!

*runs off into the sunset*

demon dragon (11/28/07)

Neaayooowwww *crash-lands*

Hi! Don't mind me, I was flying around the Otaku until I landed here! While I was here however I decided to sign your guestbook and leave a mark on your nice site.
But you know what they say, right? What ever you receive you must be ready to give it back in return.. So it would be reallly appreciated if you could visit me sometime and leave a mark of your existence on my site. Rawr! Thanks! *flies away*


xPunk x Zerox (11/28/07)


I was passing by and i thought i would sign your guestbook.

[I will sometimez just go around and look at otherz sites ^__^ most of the time just to look but there are sometimez i actually come across someone who interests me ^^ Today that is you!! Wootness!!!! Lolz]

Anywayz i really liked yourz that's why me here!!! You seem kewlz too =D

Well i do hope that you and i become friends. I often only add the ppl who comment so i hope i do see you around *Smiles*

See Ya


Shireishou (10/10/07)

I'm seeking for new friends at MyO. Soon is my third Anny at MyO. But my old friends is mostly retired. Hope we can be a friends

O yeah, I'm Bayu from Indonesia. I'm sorry if my English make U confused ^^

If U want to add me as Ur friends, pls let me know. I'll add U after that ^^

See U latter

sparkle 078 (10/06/07)

nice site, i love it. good job. and i love your avatar. so true. well i hope to see you around. bai!!

redmoonchick (09/24/07)

hi, you have an awesome site and your avi makes me laugh a lot. i'm gonna add you as a friend because you're cool like that. so i hope to see you around.


C h i b i (08/12/07)

Wow. Nice site. lol
Umm yeah so adding you.

euses1 (08/09/07)

Hi there! U have a very cool site... I like the theme... ^^... well, gotsta go, hope 2 bcum great friends... see u! ^^

Me-Ow (08/06/07)

Hi! I love your site soo kawaii!! Will you tell me how you do it!!?? Please!! Oh, and I went to someones site and when I looked at your gb entry it had the words with a background color! Will you teach me that too!!?? Please!! Well, I'm gonna add you!! Think about it plz!


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