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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 05/02/07:

How do the Naruto characters feel about you? (w/ pics) by Yukiko
Your Naruto character crush
This guy is extremely jealous of your crush
This guy is wins your heart and you win his heart
___ is determined to have youChouji
____ swears to protect you, no matter what
You'll live happily ever after

Result Posted on 05/02/07:

How much do the Naruto Characters love you?? [VERY detailed results-with personalitys] by Kayycie
Favorite element
Naruto...saw you for the first time and thought you were absolutley drop dead gorgeous!!
Sasuke...went to a party with you and you guys went to the back room and made out...things have been really weird between you two
Kakashi...Has always apprieciated you as a student...has always loved how you learn so quickly
Shikamaru...loves how much you and Ino hate each other...caught you in the shower one time...oh whoops i wasnt supposed to tell you that...oh well
Lee...follows you around everywhere, the guys on your team (who also like you of course) were ready to kill him for it
Neji...has been deeply in love with you, he wants to kiss you like there is no tomorrow...
Orochimaru...has been constantly checking you out...and pissing Kakashi off
Itatchi...HATES that your so beautiful but your so wild all at the same time
YOUR personality & Best friendsYou come across cold to most people since you dont really care what their opinion of you is...and you are very agressive, but you cant help because you act very boyish...you are very tough and know how to take a beating...but your other side is very laid back and calm Best friends: Shikamaru and Tenten

Result Posted on 05/02/07:

what the Naruto Characters think of you?(girls) Momo version by Momo-chan
Enter Name
Naruto:I hate her!
Sasuke:She's hot
Sakura:Who are we talking about?
Kakashi:I'm reading here!
Itachi:Can I kill her?

Result Posted on 05/02/07:
I'm grounded for a long time O_______O

what would happen if you had a party with the naruto characters?!!? by dizzy-chan
who would get hammered
they would accidentally kiss
who would...
who would do the hussle?
who would do orioke no jutsu?[sexy jutsu]
who would spend the night at your house?
how long would you get grounded?

Result Posted on 05/02/07:
Its a little late....O__O

What do the Naruto characters think of you? Who loves you? Who will you end up with? by ForeHeadGirlSakura
Favorite characters
Loved by
Neji thinksYour wonderful
Gaara thinksyour uninteresting
Sasuke thinksYour cute
Kakashi said"Sorry im late"
Itachi said"........"
Anko forces you to dateSome ninja
who you end up with in the end
This is weird onDecember 6, 2006

Result Posted on 05/02/07:
Awesome man,Sasuke loves me ^________^

what do the naruto characters think of you(your life, who loves you to death and any other stuff) by Roxxie
favorite guy character:
favorite girl character:
Naruto:he likes you as a friend, your nice and you never really yell at him like sakura does. you love ramen as much as he does. he would rather stay friends with you than go off and get with you and ruin your friendship with him.
Sasuke:he... he.... he doesn't know what to say about you, he doesn't get you... your mostly like a rubix cube, he thinks he figured you out and then, he doesn't. he wants to go off and kill his brother like he promised himself, but hes afraid that if he leave, someone like naruto would come over and steal you away. he get very jelous when you talk to naruto, which you do alot. so pretty much he loves you.
Sakura:she mostly envy you... your really close to sasuke and she can tell that he can't decide what to do... love you or kill itachi. she wants to be you. she tries to talk to you, but you shove her aside, and you tick her off at times, but she wishes that she acted like you, look like you, mostly anything that got sasuke's attention.
Kakashi:he wishes that you were alittle bit older, so he can be with you... although you act older than you are. he still can't help the fact that your younger than he is. one time he did pull you over after training with you and kissed you, when he did that.. you saw naruto and sasuke chasing him around the village, but that was along time ago and it was the only time he kissed you.
Shikamaru:he hates it that you beat him at his own game, and you mostly say hes troublesome than he saying that you are.... he hates you, but he also likes you... he doesn't know which one to choose... its too troublesome for him.
Choji:hes too busy eating potatoe chips to answer, but he hates you and wants you to die.
Ino:she hates the fact that sasuke loves you and she usually calls you sasuke stalker or something like that. if she wanted to, she would join forces with sakura and kill you, and then she will ditch sakura and get sasuke (as if.. lol)
Kiba:he hates you, because akamaru accidently peed on you and you kicked him. it was an accident you said, but he doesn't believe you...
Shino:he hates your guts... ever scince you squished his bug, because you were afraid of them at one point. he kinda laughs at you because of it, but none the less... he hates you and he wants you to pay.
Hinata:she wishes she was you at times, because she wants to be more outgoing than she is now, you try to help her, but she doesn't want your help. she knows that naruto likes you... so she doesn't like you that much.
Nejihe want you in his room so ya'll can have some fun. he thinks it was his destiney to be with you and hes determind to make you his ^^
Lee:he likes you, but then again he doesn't... its soo confusing for him... he wants to be with you, but gai said that you were trouble and don't have alot of youth... so hes trying to decide...
Tenten:she wants to know how you can attracked two boys at the same time.... she sees that neji and lee like you and they sometimes fight over you infront of her... she doesn't hate you, but she does feel left out, scince they fight over you.
Gaara:he... wants... to... kill... YOU! he can't stand you... he wants to use sand coffin when your around... he wants you dead!
Kankuro:he one time sent some of his puppets to kill you... he hates you that much... lol.
Temari:shes jelous that your getting all the attention from shika... she often wonders why he likes you more than he likes her.
Itachi:he wants to kill you... after he gets back from his next mission... your dead. he wants to kill you ever scince you pulled his hair up like deidara, took pics of him and posted on the internet that he was in love with deidara that he would go to this *shows pic* and he was the sleep the whole time.
Orochimaru:he doesn't know what to say about you.... but that your really sexy and you better be in his room in the next 30 seconds or you'll die. and he doesn't really want any guy eyeing you either.
Kabuto:he hates you so much.... he wants to kill you now... i'm serious... he right behind me... trying to get threw the cpu... i know random.... but he wants to kill you.
your rival:choji
the one that your in love with.sasuke
the guy that falls in love with you:shikamaru
how your life mostly goes:you never really had a life... you mostly were alone and always will be.
are you going to most likely to die?HELL NO!!!

Result Posted on 05/02/07:
What!!!!!Sasuke loves me :P

What do Naruto Characters think of you(including my character)(for girls) by GaaraAndItachiLover
Name, Yeah
Favorite Character
Random Anime Character ^-^
Gaara, yeahLoves you alot, yeah. Roge: *glares* *kills you*
Roge, yeah*hugs Gaara*
Itachi, yeahBecomes your friend and protects you from other Akatsuki members...
Neji, yeahBecomes your friend
Sasuke, yeahWill love you untill he dies... yeah
Naruto, yeahFinds you very pretty
Hinata, yeahGlares at you whenever you talk to Naruto
Rock Lee, yeahProtects you till the death
Shino, yeahHates you for smashing his bugs
Choji, yeahthinks your cute
Shikamaru,yeah*screams at passes out at the sight of you*
Temari, yeahThinks Shikamaru is Better
Kiba, yeahWant you to like dogs better than cats

Result Posted on 05/02/07:
What does spar mean?

What the Naruto Characters think of you. Who are your enemies, friends, and who do you end up with? (female only) by Tenten
Your Name:
Narutoloves you.
Sasukewants to spar with you.
Sakurais your best friend.
Inothinks you're awesome.
Shikamaruhugged you.
Chojithinks you're cool.
Kibais you're good friend.
Shinoglares at you a lot.
Hinatatold you that she hates you.
Nejitold you that you're cute.
Rock Leesmiles at you whenever you look at him.
Tententhinks you like Neji.
Total of secret admirers7
Who you end up with:Sasuke
How much he loves you:
How much you love him:
Will you end up married with him?No

Result Posted on 05/02/07:
Sasuke loves me!!!!!!!AND I'm a tomboy(duh)!!!!!!!!!!WEEEE!!!

What do the Naruto Characters think of u? *Friends, enemies, lovers, etc.* by XxTina_UchihaXx
NarutoHe is one of your best friends! Although, he wishes you and him were just more than 'friends'. He wants to ask you out because you r nice to him, ur smart, pretty (even prettier than Sakura), and you like ramen! You also support him in being the next Hokage. He likes the fact that you aren't a Sasuke fan girl because all the girls he liked are a Sasuke fan girl.
SasukeHe likes you. And I mean LIKE likes you. He loves how you are pretty and smart and athletic. He wants to ask you out but he feels that Itachi will come and hurt you and he doesn't want another person to lay a hand on you. He also thinks that his fangirls are gonna torture you with their finely panted nails and their oh so long, round edges XD
SakuraShe is still thinking about if she wants to be your friend or not. You are a nice person, but you are a tomboy and she is more into the pink and kimonos. She also thinks that Sasuke likes you because you actually get to talk to him and have a conversation without him pushing you away.

Result Posted on 05/02/07:
Ok result.It was pretty good,except for who i love.

What Do The Naruto Characters think of u?(srry, for girls only. includes your love, life, and deaf) by kitten
Favorite colour(i hate this question):
Your Japanesse name:Tifa
your age:24
ninja rank:elite jounin'
village:Hidden Waterfall
Naruto:Meh, i like Hinata better.
Sasuke:I would kiss her but my God damn pride wont let me
Sakura:hates you!! she wishes that you would LEAVE konoha and NEVER come back.
Kakashi:hates u cuz u replaced his new Icha Icha Paradise book with 1 you wrote with him and Iruka as the main characters and a naked picture of Iruka in the book with Narutos help transforming in Naked Iruka.
Kiba:loves u cus your his frend and u once licked ice cream off his face
Kurenai:mayb she can teach me some of her jutsus
Shikamaru:daydreams about you and him in his bed at midnight
Ino:thinks your better than the billboard brow
Chouji:wonders if u like Kiba
Hinata:adores u!!! cus u help her find the right thing to say to Naruto and your helping her come out of her shell and once you dared Naruto to french kiss her so she likes you for that cus he did it
Shino:vowes to make u his queen even though he doesnt show affection but always calls u princess and protects you wen your in trouble
Orochimaru:doesnt know if he should take your body or make u his minion. if he takes your body he can watch himself get naked but if you were his minion he could do it anyways but you would kick his ass for it.
Kabuto:thinks your to kind for your own good but likes you nonetheless
Tsunade:Thinks your adorible for your age
Shizune:Htes u cus Tsunade likes u more than her
Jiraiya:*drools*(if i were u i'd slap him right know)
Gaara:likes u cus your is only frend mayb more, and is willing to protect u no matter wat
Temari:wnts 2 fight u
Kankuro:hates u cus u called his puppets dolls and u told him 2 stop wasting Temari's makeup
ItachiHates u cus u called him ugly(me:how dare you!!!)
Rock Lee:hates u cus u were mean 2 Sakura
Tenten:is your best frend
Nejitinks u r his and his only and any man DARE touch u will have 2 face his wrath
Gai:ttinks u r unyouthful and tinks u like Kakashi more than him
I(yes me):am your sensei
you love:Naruto
loves you:Sasuke
how much:
how you die:died on a mission
your life:Your life was hard in the beginning then happy. You changed from a troubled child, to a Happy teen. You love to travel for Village to village. You live a happy life but u flt something was missing. You died somewat happy.

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