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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 08/05/06:

What sort of Dragon watches over you?

The Regal Silver Dragon is your protector and guide. Benevolent and kind, Aid is always available to you when it is truely needed. You and those you love are always protected.
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Result Posted on 08/05/06:
damn this quiz...

Result Posted on 08/05/06:

Which of the marauders are you?

You are Remus Lupin,the kind werewolf and possibly the sweetest person in the world^^ You like to read and love hanging around with your best friends
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Result Posted on 08/05/06:
I rather like legands of bards^^ They are rare to find, but nearly always have something completely origional about them!

You are a Bard!

Take the "How Do You Use Magic?" test! Written by Brimo

Result Posted on 08/03/06:

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What Samurai 7 Character Are You?
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Result Posted on 07/25/06:

Big Five Word Test Results
Extroversion (41%) moderately low which suggests you are reclusive, quiet, unassertive, and secretive.
Accommodation (64%) moderately high which suggests you are, at times, overly kind natured, trusting, and helpful at the expense of your own individual development (martyr complex).
Orderliness (15%) very low which suggests you are overly flexible, random, improvised, and fun seeking at the expense too often of structure, reliability, work ethic, and long term accomplishment.
Emotional Stability (72%) high which suggests you are very relaxed, calm, secure, and optimistic.
Inquisitiveness (81%) high which suggests you are very intellectual, curious, imaginative but possibly not very practical.
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