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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I lied....
Current Mood:Midterms...need I say more?

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Neutral Milk Hotel CDDD

Well...said I'd be coming back, but my computer has a majourly horrible virus right nwo, so I dont' ahve the time.....so I'll be on eventually (just not for a wee bit)

If ya want to reach me on Deviantart I"m under Ka-ke-ru.deviantart.com

New e-mail (cos my old one was cluttered-a-up) hoshino@live.com

Cosplay Group Site (nothing up yet) ursus-astartes.deviantart.com/

Miss being on here more thoroughly^^ Midterms are rapin' meh brain right now.....

I am working on a hide webpage designe, so that should be fun (espesselly transfering the coding to this sites awsomelly obnoxious pre-made layouts)



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