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Sunday, November 18, 2007

I'm attempting to get a wee bit more active right now since I"m stranded inside. I have mono and very little else to do -- plus I miss you all so much **hugs everyone who still bothers to visit**

Concentions 2008

Ohayocon -- Not in Artist Alley
Friday -- Death Note (Near)
Saturday -- Kingdom Hearts 2 (Roxas)
Sunday -- Lolita, not tech cosplay

A & G Ohio -- Possibility of Artist Alley*
[if so, only prints and hats] [
Friday -- Kingdom Hearts 2 (Roxas)
Saturday -- D.Grey Man (Allen)
Sunday -- Death Note (Near)

Animarathon -- Might Attend, Good Chance

Anime Punch! -- Might Attend, Needs Roomies

Colossalcon -- Artist Alley
[Buttons, Prints, Hats, Constriction vol. 1]


Friday -- D.Grey Man (Allen)
Saturday -- Kingdom Hearts 2 (Roxas)
Sunday -- Ouran Host Club (Haruhi

That's all Folks! MSN me in Dec if you want to contact me. I'm hard to get ahold of right now. I have Mono, am 1/2 way through my Nano and only active on Subeta as Bells. Love Ya'll!


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