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Monday, July 16, 2007

Harry Potter: July 16, 2007
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I know it's been a crazy long time since I updated (TT_TT) but I'm back. If it wasn't friends it was vacation or writing or summer homework or I don't know, so I"m taking a wee bit of time now to make certian this little corner of the internet doens't die.

The other thing is, I've been completely active on Myspace (myspace.com/hoshino_kakeru) and Deviantart (ket-chi.deviantart.com); answering e-mail messages and IM.

I saw Harry Potter 5 a couple days ago. IT was easily the best of the film versions yet....and so overflowing with Angst >.<

And this week, the town will be set up for the Final Harry Potter Night (on the night of the book release), so me and me partner (Teh Amazing Zane) will be window painting adn all that jazz starting tomorrow. I'm supposted to be doign conceptual drawings for those windows right now...but hey, I'm lazy. Everyone knows that.

Dressing up as a Rabbid Muggle and dying my hair Purple for Harry Potter Night ^.^

Seven Questions About Book Seven

#1. Who will Die?
#2. Will Volda-thinggy be defeated; by whome?
#3. Is Snape Good or Evil?
#4. What is the last Horocrux? (spotted the other six yet)
#5. What are teh Deathly Hollows?
#6. Why was Dumbledore the only wizard Voldemort feared?
#7. Who will end up with Whome?

Thanks for Answering if you do! I'll be putting up my theories in the comments section of this post.

Love to you all^^

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