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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Busy: 21 June, 2007
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Cake - Building a Religion

ROAR! I've been so busy with friends I don't think this layout will ever be finished!!! TT_TT I've had such little time on the computer this summer, and writing it's just sad. I'm so behind.

Colossalcon was GREAT! I had the best time there, even it if was just for one day!!! This con is quite a small one, which can acctually be kind of nice. You meet people and really get to know them.

We hung out a lot of the day with the Twins (cosplaying Hitatchin Brothers from Ouran), and for Ohayocon we'll be doing the Host Club panle with them^^ I'll also be in artist alley with a couple of my friends and in the skits. Wowow! I really can't wait until January!

And I got my Black Stones shirt...so it's all good^^

-miles <3333

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