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Monday, June 11, 2007

Shonen-ai: 11 June, 2007
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BAD day yesterday, so I went to Borders and spent 3 1/2 horus reading Shonen-ai manga. Kind of sad, really, but hey: it made me feel a whole hell of a lot better.

While I was there I had a couple of kids (really not much younger than me) who were obviouslly new to the wonderous world of otaku asking me question after question:

'Have you read teh Samurai Deeper Kyo Manga?
"Why yes, I own the whole anime series on a fluke."
'I don't watch much with subtitles, too hard to follow. You?'
"I like subs."
**as he reads Inuyasha, FMA, Naruto and Kenshin** 'What are you reading?'
Not wanting to freak the poor kid out who probally has not a clue what shonen-ai even is, I reply "Random Romance."

Ended up just leaving to sit up front and drink tea since the kid couldn't take a hint. Looking back on it, it might have been funny to freak him out....nah, I'm not mean.

I'll be uploading some Death Note sketches onto DA. Got so bored after I left the bookstore, and I'm finally in a 1/2 otaku mood.

Two of my friends bailed on Colossalcon...and that leaves me with 2 people I really dont' like. 2 who don't really care about otaku. 1 who just pissed me off and well...I might just skip it. TT_TT I'm such a loser! And after my cosplay's already done!!!! I dont' know though. **sigh**

Sorry for the long-ish post.
-miles <333

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