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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Summer Fun: 9 June, 2007
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Apocalyptica - Drive

School's finally out so here comes a new layout^^ Might take a couple days, but expect one. I'm just so sick of this blan half-themed lazy-ass page!!! My fault...oh well...

Colossalcon 8 in 6 days! I'll be cosplaying Toboe with a friend (whose cosplaying Leara). Should be mad awsome fun. I just need some cash...

Last night was great. I had **thinks** eight of my friends over last night for a bondfire (last day of school/end of exams) and we had a great time. I ended up brusing the underside of my foot though (?!?!) chasing Joe around the house with a bag of marshmallows throwing them. I hit a rock. The only fucking rock in my whole yard!

Oh well, it's bandaged and nice. Hilary and Chiyo spent the night and we watched ParaKiss/Gravitation/The Labryinth.
Good Time.

~milesian <333

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