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Thursday, May 11, 2006

   exhausted ...
There was a time when I thought I might like two children ... no more. No more. I have been babysitting my two cousins and in doing so have learned a valuable lesson: you cannot be in two places at once. I'm beginning to think one kid would be too much for me. I mean, I love children - babies especially - don't get me wrong, I just don't think I can deal with them 24/7. It is hard enough to deal with them 8/2. Jasper and Emma are well behaved angels for the most part, too. They both have a tendency to whine when there isn't anything wrong, but that is usually the worst of it. There have a been a couple of tantrums on the part of Ms Emma, though. Those were ... fun. In a tear-your-hair-out kind of way.
I do like watching the two of them play, they are such intelligent little things. Jasper especially. I have a feeling I couldn't even pronounce the word armadillo when I was four, let alone know what one was. He not only knows what it is, but pretends to be one when the fancy strikes him. He does that a lot, with dinosaurs and fish mostly, and it could not be more adorable.
Oh, and btw, yes, as far as I can tell at this moment, I will be posting regularly. Or trying to. I have said that several times now and been horrible about it ... really horrible about it. I am going to make a sincere effort to change that. I miss the people here, even though most of them have probably forgotten all about me by now, and serves me right. I will still have my Silent Love, though! *gives her many well deserved hugs* She has been so patient with me and I would like to thank her for that. She is the reason I post at all.

Gah! Feeling: @_@
I hope I get to go home soon ...

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