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Saturday, February 25, 2006

   happy vday!
HELLO EVERYONE N HAPPY LATE V-DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh n if lynnly is reading this... HAPPY LATE BDAY LYNNLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahha... yeah. well... my computers broken. rite now im at my cousins house. its gonna be a while until i getta be back on otaku. so... this is just a heads up. =] how was ur vdays? mine was okay. i didnt do nething though. i rather not. i spent the whole day at school hiding from my friend. me n him play a lil game on vday. we have to hide from each other... if u catch the other person... they haveta tell u who they like. n i prefer not to tell my friend who i like... since he doesnt like that person. so yeah. vday was actually fun though. i was like sugar high. i couldnt stop laughin. marrina either. i mean if im crazy... marrina is 10 times worse. hahahahah. yeah. i saw my crush today... heheheh... >//< its okay though... im not shy around him. im actually open. but its hard being around him since he doesnt open up much. but its okay. okay laterz.

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