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Sunday, February 5, 2006

hi everyone!!!! my sister just cut my hair n its hella short!!!! its like an inch above my shoulders... yeah... it used to be an inch below my shoulders. yup. =] oh n i just wrote another song today. its called "Murdered, My Sweet."

Murdered, My Sweet

Ur makin me pissed
So i killed u n felt perfect bliss
Love turned to hate
Before u knew it, it was too late
Now ur on the ground
With a knife through that fading frown

Ur dead, im alive
Gimme a five
Yeah, Yeah
Gimme a five

With ur tainted blood on me
I buried ur decaying body
U were murdered my sweet
Again lets meet
So we can replay this scene
Again ull feel the pain
Again ill feel the bliss
Lets meet again my sweet
So we can replay this scene

thats my song "Murdered, My Sweet." u like? i dont really like the beginning... just the end from where it says "u were murdered my sweet." neways... laterz!!!!!!! =]

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