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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

hey everyone! sorry for not posting in a while. ive been lazy. well anyway i think its time for a new layout so be looking for one this week. also i need to take pictures next time me and posse are together.
yeah well anyway i went to the asian mall yesterday and saw TANR7 there! it was funny i bought the crying freeman manga, it was really good. now you might be thinking "hey... isnt crying freeman a hentai?" to which i will answer NO!
now yes it has a lot of.... relations going on, but that is not the center of the story. the auther puts it there to develope the characters (and i guess for some pleasure X0 )
but yeah it had cool action and really cool art.
like 1980's anime... where it looks really realistic... sorta like akira but more realistic.

well i guess thats all i have to say. ill be putting a new theme up soon.
bye ^-^

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

new layout
its been up for a while
ive been reading A LOT of bleach lately
3 books today, i have 1-10 and i had 1-5 like as they came out then fell behind and got 6-10 for x-mas. now i just have 10 left to read
bleach is awesome.

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Monday, January 23, 2006

well i think its time for a new theme. i have a really good idea but for once im not telling. im almost positive it will be done by tomorrow at 9 so youll have to wait untill then.

but i think youre going to really love it.

so guess what. i have finals tuesday - friday.
i have 3 c's and 3 b's. my mom said that if my final semester grades ( first quarter, second quarter and final grades all averaged ) are all a's and b's that she will by me the lucky brand jeans i want!

im a slave to fashion.

well i guess thats it. i havent been on MyO much this last week because i had a viral infection in my intestines.

basically i was S-I-C-K

but im better now so yay!!@!

well i guess thats it. so untill tomorrow, goodbye (^-^)

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Friday, January 13, 2006

well last post was really long and i got no comments on it... how fair is that! anyway. i need money, lots of it. i want a pair of 130$ shoes and photoshop and a really good profesional quality camera. but all i have is a $40 giftcard for bestbuy. hey if i add about 4oo dolars to that i might be able to get a pretty good camera.

well i guess this post is already slowing down. anyway im going to keep on typing. i think im going to draw tomorrow. i feel like drawing. so maybe ill get some good art up.

i want to take some new pictures so maybe ill get those up too! my mind is active at night so im thinking of all these thing a want and i want to do.

and one of them will be to comment!


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Thursday, January 12, 2006

well today was a pretty good day. at school i came to first period, which was hard enough, then i realized i didnt have my spanish paper signed. so i had to call home to get it signed but it all worked out. its almost finals and i cant wait. i think i might be getting homeschooled after this semester. just for the end of this year untill i can find a highschool i like for my senior year.

i really dont like the school im at now. only 2 or 3 of the teachers are cool the rest are so annoying. also i cant even wear the clothes i like to school, either because its against the rules to wear music shirts or because if i do wear cool clothes a kid there watches me to copy them. I SWEAR! he told my niece sunako_chan these words exactly "i want some jeans like clays". i know this seems like not a big deal. but you need to know some of the back story.

i tried being his friend and i have really good music taste and so he of course wanted to know some bands i listened to. so i trusted he would be cool so i told him some. all of the sudden he goes crazy with it and acts like he has been their die hard fan since before he knew them. also i like tight jeans. very punk rock right? but with this whole emo thing going on (which i admit i used to be into... im so ashamed... haha) it was kinda in to wera tight jeans or girl jeans. so he started waring them about5 months after me. then claimes that i copied them from him. that was the last straw. we were no longer friends. then he internet stalked me to find out more bands, i had to hide things and its been like this for a while.

so yes. going to a new school, away from him and all the other wierd kids at me school will help a lot! he still stalks me a bit on myspace but i have things pretty private on there sp its ok.

well besides all that im really excited for my 4 day weekend! i get friday AND monday off!!! tomorrow (thursday) is my last day of the week!

well ill try to get to everyones page. im thinking about changing the song and i need to get my friend links up. please please please send me your buttons and ill put them up when i can fit them


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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

sorry i havent been around MyO in a while, ive been lazy. i got the kurt cobain journals and its really cool. then i tried to get tsubasa vol. 2 but no one had it so im going to have to look at the asian mall. so instead i got the crow graphic novel, its pretty cool.

so im looking for some shoes. im nost sure which ones i want i mgiht want some boots like the beatles wore or someother cool pointed toe shoes. id have to order them from the u.k. though.

so i guess thats it.

ill try to comment everybody tomorrow

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Sunday, January 1, 2006


i have a new tsubasa layout up and a new song

besides that nothing is new...

...but the year

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

NEW THEME NEW THEME NEW THEME!!! wow i really hope it looks good on everyones internet. it took me a little while and i got help (thanks vanessa!) but it was all fun!. well my friend is here to visit but it stinks because im sick.

well my christmas was really fun, i got a nintendo ds!!! its alot of fun! i got alot of other cool things too.

well my current theme is evangelion but about a half hour after i finished it i wanted to change it. i think its because im getting really interested in tsubasa. im going to buy vol. one of the manga soon. i think im really going to like it.

well yep.... im going to try really hard to get to everyones site tomorrow!!!

hope everyone has a good day

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Saturday, December 24, 2005

new background! i hope you like it. i have been playing soul calibur 3 alot today. i like it, but i got so mad at it today i almost broke my ps2 controler.

my favorite charater is seigfried!

well.... tomorrow is christmas eve!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

yep i guess thats it

this post is pretty boring

oh! and if anyone can give me the code to have a custom side menu please send it? :D

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

christmas is almost here!!!
im so excited! its going to be fun. also, if someone wants my eternal grattitude then they will somehow get me a bootleg of NaNa. i NEED to see that movie!!!

well yep i cant wait till christmas!!! well really christmas eve, thats when my family (i have a big family) exchanges gifts.

well i have been plaing A LOT of DDR lately. im getting better! :D

well i guess thats it ill try to get to everyones site tomorrow!

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