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Friday, December 2, 2005

Thank Ze God

....For the heavenly Friday. BOY, was thise week hectic! Since it is coming close to X-Mas, our class is doing a big christmas thingy project...THING. Heh... Anyways, we each donated 9 dollars for those who wanted to do a certain project, and our teacher bought some wooden trees that we could paint. They had holes drilled in so you can put lights through them! Anyways, it's my mom's present for this year. I was just like, 'Mom, gimme 9 bucks, please.'


'.....Uhhh... Classified. ^^'


'....Okay, okay. It's for some school donation.' *Ish a big fat liar*

So she gave me the money and.... well thats history anyways cause I finished it today. ^^ It's nice, and I cant wait to give it to my mom! ^^

Both of us are going to NYC FOR CHIRSTMAS! Then we go to New Jersey to see my Italian cousins. Not 100 percent Italian, but they're like us; half. One girl is 14 and she's gothic. She has two elecrtic guitars and a drumset. I cant wait to meet her...

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

I went...splat....

Yesh, Kipcha has gone splat. That's why she hasnt been around.

Okay, not really. School has been pretty difficult... I hate my little private school. The nuns. The uniforms. The NUNS. O_O Zey are watching us...

Erm, anyways, school has been an obstacle. But I guess you want to hear what I've been up to.

We have a mulit-cultural fair this year and I am doing Egypt. Of course some weirdo in my class who has a crush on me picks Egypt, too. God I despise him! XP

I recently bought FullMetal Alchemist, The Broken Angel for my PS2. It is a very good game, and I only have one more boss battle to do before I beat it! But of course it's really hard.

Im getting to every single one of my friends' sites today, and if I do not stop by yours, you have a right to drop a baby piano on mah head.

I heart you all!


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Thursday, September 22, 2005


Hey yall! Ive been on gaiaonline a lot, Im sorry I havent visited! Right after I finish this post it's off to eyr sites! Me proooooomise! So, schools great, blah blah blah, we had picture day, the jackass made me smile, poo. Heh.... ^^ Anyways, how have you all been? Im sorry about the crappy new theme, I just had to get rid of happity dappity so friggin coot atemu...


Speaking of YGO, did you guys hear about the current season, the KC Grand Prix thing or whatever? Before it aired it's new ep., the guy said it was the LAST YGO SEASON! That cant be, because:

1. They HAVE to show it.
2. On Shonen Jump's new issue it said it's coming in September

...Anyways (Lots of anywayses....lol) I missed you guys, and if yer on gaia, sned me a PM. My name on there is Kheket.
Byes! Off to yer sites!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I'm alive....

Yes, yes, I finally updated... There hasnt been much to talk aboutlately... hurricane Ophelia is coming tommorow, but hey-we miss school! ...>>...<<... Wha?

Anyways, I loved the DeathNote preview so much in SJ, that I decided to make a crappy theme dedicated to it! :D

...And.....welll... *thinks....*

Oh yea! Im running the spotlight for an upcoming thatre production, "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown". Hey-It's a good show! (Trust me... heck, I've seen enough rehearsals to know...)


Ja-Ne, thanks for reading!

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Sunday, September 4, 2005


Well, I spent the night at my freinds house, and we're getting ready to go to a girl in my class' BDAY party at the YMCA pool...

We stayed up last night until 2:40 AM...HOORAH FOR MY NEW WALLPAPER! *dances* I lurrrrrve Angel Sanctuary!

But...I missed O.P. last night... can someone tell me what happened? I missed the showdown! >___< NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!

Anyways, please tell me what happend, and check out my new wallie! Thankees for reading!


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Saturday, September 3, 2005


What a week... thats all I can say...

Well, Robby did dress up like Andy Millanokis, and I dressed up as gothic as I could so I could get in... (remember...catcholic school socials... I cant get too carried away) but it was kinda fun. We had 11 BOXES OF PIZZA!!!! WOOOT! I ate 8 pieces... I held the record! :D And.. lets seee... I did the headbang when FOB was on.... SUAGR WE'RE GOIN DOWN! :D

Anyways, isnt this hurricane Katrina awful! OMG Its terrible! V____V I hope everyone gets out safely...

Ja-Ne, thank you for reading!


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Thursday, September 1, 2005



DERNNIT! Well, I figured out Josh, my freind who I though failed the 7th grade, is now being home schooled.. but he came and visited today! :D He's changed... his hair is pretty long now--well, longer than it used to be, at least.
So far, this school week has been the worst week of my life. I am so stressed, I dunno why, either... and this boy at school, Ryan, is being so rude to me and obnoxious... turn out I am stuck with him for 9 weeks at my lunch table until we switch people... (Yes, we even have assigned lunch tables! >.<)

Well, let's see, we started algebra, and belive it or not it's pretty fun... but of course this is the beginning of the year and all, so I'll probably hate it next week. (o.O)

Tommorow there's a little social/dance (we call em socials considering no one really dances...o.O) from 5-7, and Robby, one of my top best freinds there, made a bet with me. If he dresses up like Andy Millanokis (and he really looks like him! Really! Give him a plaid shirt and jeans, and lucky white sneakers, and you got yerself an Andy Millanokis!), then I'll dress up as a goth. Heh... I hope I can get in... but my mom is chaporoning (however you spell it) there, so I have a pretty good cahnce at getting in..XD

Ja-Ne, and thankees for reading!

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

   Dont Kill Me!

Yes, yes, I changed my theme, becasue I had a weird dream about Atemu last night and it kinda inspired me... I also had a weird dream about Angel Sanctuary with Sarah and Setsuna... very cryptic and scary. Very.... it was like, a nightmare.

Well, tell me what you think of it, becasue it's really my first light-hearted theme I've had. I cant get to your sites right now, becasue I have to read 3 more books by the end of next week becasue I read the wrong 3 this summer (our school is sooooo picky).

Im so sorry I cant get to yer sites right now, but I will get to them today! *hugs*

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Well, I decided to get my new theme up because Lulu was gettin' on my nerves.

Today was a half day, since it was just an orientation at school. It was great to see all my freinds again...and the new girl...UGH! OMFG talk about a total PRISSBALL! *ack* She transferred to my school from the public one in my town, and I know her from my Youth Group. She's part of this horrible girl's possy. I mean, horrible. She BRAGS (and she's my age) about having sex with people and well....other....graphic stuff. My mom and everyone else thinks its all a lie so she can get attention...

Anyways, enough of her, but the new girl, Caitlin, is one of her closest freinds... negh... *ack*

But our teahcer is super nice! She was our english teacher last year (Our school is very tiny, so we have one class per grade, and we go to different grade teachers for different classes. Understand?). Anyways, she was our English and Literature teacher from last year, and she IS-SO-FRIGGIN-NICE! O.O *hugs teacher*

Anyways, thanks for reading yesterday, and I hope you like the new theme. I might take it down at some random time because I'm very fickle when it comes to themes for my site...

And Im also kinda pissed because someone stole my post styles, I mean, the exact same code that I made from putting css codes together! MY ORIGINAL CODE! MINE! I NEVER SHARED IT WITH ANYONE! Every single solitary letter and number down to the slashes and puncuation marks, this user stole. I am so enraged.

*groans and forces a corny smile*

Ja-Ne! Thank you for reading...

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My. Last. Day. Of. Freedom.


*spazes and dies*

....cant talk, dead.

I mean--


*magically comes back to life* Yay. Anyways, evil sCRUEL strats tommorow, but hey-I'M AN 8TH GRADER! WOOTAH! ALL THE LITTLE FRENCH FRY CHILDREN SHALL WORSHIP MY ABSOULUTE OBNOXIOUSLY OBNOXIOUSNESS! *laughs insanely*

Not reeeeeeeeeeeally, but... Yeah.... I just wanna get this dern year over with already, and it hasnt even started yet. My mom isnt teaching Drama this year, and we dont have music, so I dunno what our othr special class thingy is gonna be... o_O"

And I wnt ever be able to get online on school days, except on Fri's, Sat's, and Sun's, but I might be able to get on a half day or a no school the next day day... (day day? o_O" ^^)

Which also means my new theme might be late, because I'm waiting for a CSS code to be sent to me...IF I EVER GET IT! >.<

Well, wish me luck tommorow. *puts on war makeupy stuff and a helmet* I'm goin' in... *takes a deeeep breath*

o.o No, not yet... *backs away from crowd*

Ja-Ne, tankees for reading!

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