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Naruto - Loneliness
Most of my works are and will be Naruto fanarts (Do excuse the bad coloring. It's about time I learnt how to use photoshop or something...), so just scroll down to the end of this very page you're looking at for the fanart link to my very small collection.

I write HYD and Naruto fics - mostly humour, though HYD has a knack for turning out angsty.

My fanfic page:


Hopefully my works don't crack your computer screen...
I've also got another webpage where I'll start giving previews of my fics (or just click my website URL):



P.S - A question many people have and are no doubt still asking: "Are you obsessed with sexy-no-jutsu?"
Honestly, no. Not really. I just find it rather amusing. Ever since the anime introduced Naruko (Naruto's sexy-no-jutsu version) and his (or her) strange, strange ways of getting about things, I had been hooked. So yes. Pls don't think i'm some perverted sex-change maniac who has a thing for naked chicks...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

   Chibi Dolls
Yea I finally got the new fanart up and posted for all the world to see and wish they never did.
Chibi Dolls. Just Team 7 including Kaka-sensei holding their little chibi selves. I'd admit it, the dolls are cute. ^__^ WHY am I complimenting myself?? You see, this happens because no one else does and wants to. "Self praise is no praise" said my friend but my reply? "No praise, therefore self praise!!"

Yea, yea I'm an idiot.

NYaaaa the coloring, oh woe the coloring. So abhorrent. I hate all the little white patchy things scattered everywhere. Makes the whole pic look... clumpy.

I really should be working on the next pic shouldn't I? WHY am I so insistent on forcing innocent web surfers to go through the pain of seeing my works? They're nice enough to pretend it ain't that bad and they even go through the trouble of saying so but I bet deep inside every single one of them they hate the little white patchy things just as much as I do... *glares around suspiciously*


I've decided to neglect science and go for the arts in uni next year... this year. Arts Design and Media, specifically. Maybe THEN I'll have some Photoshop sense and actually KNOW how to color things in.. and shadow them and stuff.
DAmmit why did I even do all those damn sciences in highschool?? Now I'll be walking into an art class with no history of art whatsoever and seriously, who wants an art student who can quote every single bone in the body? (No, no I can't. I'm just saying.) I know jack shit about the history of art and jackier shit about artistic techniques and all that.

Yea I'm screwed.

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Friday, January 6, 2006

   That's it.
GARGH So much for 4 weeks. DAmmit Foxtail, you becomign like Shika?? What about ME?? Kept telling myself that the reason i'm not posting anything is cuz i'm still waiting for that damn photoshop cd from my friend.(Ahh... the PS program I had before kinda deleted itself after this damn virus attacked the computer. *sob* No, honest.) But maybe it's Shika-syndrome too..

It's FOXTAIL's post which made me decide to just color the damn pictures in manually so if you wanna flame me for any appearance of my horrid works, just direct it to Foxtail's message box. *sweet smile*

ok.. coloring time... *unintentionally breaks a few color pencils*

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

   Damn exams
I haven't been on here for a long time. I'm updating this thing after two... long months of nothing from me - just to show I haven't died yet and I'm still interested in keeping my Otaku alive too. I'm having my exams soon so I guess in the mean time it's study study friggin study. But I'll be back I tell you. Soon, soon Otaku will be plagued with my tormenting works... Y'all just wait...

Umn. In a few weeks. Gimme a little more than 4.

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Friday, April 29, 2005

   Wolfie, Kaoru, and everybardee else...
The friendliness here is.. amazing.

The members of Otaku are so nice, and I am most sincerely touched.. *wipes a happy tear* A big hug to shinobiwolf for selflessly promoting my site on hers.. Really, all i did was say my works were horrid and she was up and spontaneously encouraging people to support me. How often do you come across such kind, altruistic people? And she wrote me a poem too!!! *starts crying uncontrollably* I drown in ecstasy. No words can describe how much I appreciate it.. *hugs again*

And i've recieved a sudden squirt of tags in my gb. A big thanks to the peepz who actually bothered tagging my obnoxious site. With encouragement like all of yours, I feel pushed to start posting my.. works-on-hiatus up. Thanks, everyone. *hearts*

And speaking of my art, a big giant thanks to Rurouni Kaoru for her PS tut recommendation. I will be sure to check the site out. Thank you so much for you help!! I am forever in debt..

Really, I have drawn so many art pieces and they're all.. uncolored. I think it'll be best to start with the site Rurouni Kaoru left me with... ^__^

Later days.

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   Fruits Basket..
I've just rented out Vol 7 and 8 of Fruits Basket and I'm loving it. The story just keeps getting better, and I'm starting to fall for Hatori. He's getting hotter, i swear. I always had a soft spot for shigure and Ayame. But Hatori?? *melts* What were those three called again? The something-or-rather blossom trio.. XD Those jokers. They're hilarious. Anyway, i'll probably be doing an anime review on it someday when i get further on into the story, much as I've already done for Bleach.

Speaking of which, you should go check out if you have any interest at all in Bleach and their characters. I've got the whole Gotei 13's character Bios down (thought not in deep detail). Bleach is fantastic. I've got this sudden fixation in looking for works down by Japanese artists.. *drools over Izuru fanart*

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Monday, April 18, 2005

   Photoshop.. finally.
I have FINALLY got Adobe Photoshop. Now I just gotta find some tutorials..
Great, this is going to take more time than pencil coloring. But I'm sure the end result would be worth it.. ah, right?

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