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Friday, November 7, 2008

cough cough... i guess i am on a monthly basis now...
I hope everyone is doing well, i miss you alot. My exams went well. I am still maintaining As. Trying to decide what to take, and fit it all in, next semester. I am set to get my degree in General Studies in May :) Helped decorate the nursing home for Halloween and enjoyed see the little kids, not very many this year, that came to my house. Planning on having relatives over for Thankgiving, you guys have any plans? Sorry havent been around for a while but will check your most recents posts.

As for school, really thats my life :)
My first history I am enjoying because we are actually past world war i, so i get to learn things i have never studyed or even heard about. I have a test on wed, right after the Veterans Day holiday.

--Thank you to all our servicemen who have, are, and will defend our country--

I have improved my piano skills greatly. For our final (in December) I will be playing Fur Elise (mandatory) and Electric de Chocobo (peice I chose). I originally chose a Christmas song- Oh Come oh ye Faithful, The First Noel, but I learned then in a few days so i decided i needed something more challenging. I did manage to play 'One winged angel' for my sister but i didnt turn out very well...

well thats all i can think of rgith now, not very interesting... feel free to ask questions and comment! miss yall

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