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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I am going to give my speel, then catch up on your lives :) and remember to save, lol

We are almost done with the summer semester. I will be going back in the Fall. My good news was supposed to be that I begin the nursing program this fall, but the "nursing committee" who was doing the interview pushed all of us, i think about 10, to the Fall of 2009. Originally, they said it might be the spring of 2008, but not, we were DENIED :( but at least i know i will be accepted provided i pass my physical. We just have to wait... I will be able to finish my general studies so i guess thats ok.

Class are going well, but i have been pretty busy. Last weekend, I spent writing a research paper on autism. It is a very interesting disorder but I feel horrible for anyone who might have it or knows someone that does. Last week we discussed terminal illness in children, in my special needs class. Talk about dspressing...

Lab is going really well now. i am attached to the little buggers. They really liked our doinky puppet show and the activity presentation went well. We had our pe skills test, that went decently. I had some memory problems though...

What else? Classes for the fall: history 1, history 2, spanish, aquatic fitness2, and piano class. I am really excited about piano class. Yes, I can play the piano but i am hoping to improve my skills and speed up my learning of songs. And it will give me a chance to just play which i havent been doing very often. I really dont look forward to spanish seeing as i have had two year and still cant mak much sentnces... at least that should be my only hard class so i can focus on it. My moms says, what good is your spanish if you cant talk with anyone? i doubt i will able to, but we shall see. If any of you speach spanish can i practice with you? anyways, have a nice weekend, i will be around to commment

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