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Saturday, June 21, 2008

hello, you guys made me very happy ^___^
luna: i hope this place stays alive as well
Chibi: I hope i get used to the children
Magnus: im visually impaired. I dont really consider it as a disability since there are ways around it except for the driving
koon- thanks im glad it hasnt killed me either
Yensid- !I hope you come back too, it has been a very long time my friend. Yep, the troubles are over, i passed even biology. I didnt know you could comment with your site turned off
Rose- yep ive been busy, thanks for the luck
Elves- hehe what should i call you? i hope the classses help as well
Iruka- thanks!

ONward ho! Thanks for the comments, they make me feel fuzzy inside ^_^ Last week went well though it was very long. I didnt get home until 6 everyday. I have a feeling i will have big arm muschles by the time i am done with my pe class, then i can actually carry people like we learned in first aid. Childcare class is going well, i am getting a little better, not much but slowly getting better. The problem is there are actaully no disabled kids in the center right now. The class is really intersintg though. It is slightly depressing because i would not like to live like some of them, but at the same time it fasinates me.
For anyone that came by earlier, i got called for dinner in te middle of writing my post...

I was tagged by lunastarz so here i go:

1) post these rules
2)each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves
3)tags should write a journal/blog of these facts
4)at the end of these post 8 more ppl r tagged and named
5)to tag go to another persons page and tell them there taged

Here we go:
1. I want to be a nurse
2. I like turtles and pigs
3. I cant stand the sound of nail clipping
4. I love to sing but am not very good at it
5. I love to eat and hate to exercise but am not overweight, yet
6. I love myOtaku but have not published/uploaded any art since i lost my first account- midgetswords
7. I never wanted a computer in my rom but now i am addicted to it
8. Finally, i love cheese ^__^

I tag...
1. Magnus Lensheer
2. Kitabug69
3. Mizukage
4. Chibi-anne-chan
5. ElvesAteMyRamen
6. Zakura Rose
7. Koon
8. Anyone else that wants to do it

sorry late was a long post...

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