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Thursday, December 29, 2005

   Been Awhile!
Hello everyone!

I'm so sorry for not visiting nor updating for the past few weeks...MyO wasn't working...>.<...

Well I'm so happy that it works again cuz I SO miss ou guys!!!T^T...but I'll do my best to visit you guys...althoug it will be hard...

Well you guys ask if my Chritmas was good...is was great!Got so lovely presents from my parents!

Got some new clothes that are so Sexy lol^-^, FINALLY NEW SHOES!!!!!GAH...>.>...and got new lovely boots...^^.I also got a new pink Eeyore watch...from my parents...^____^
What I got from my friends are; an elastic flower for my hair from my friend Cynthia,a lil teddy bear from my other friend Sandra and 2 notebooks + a bookmark and a pencil from my best friend!
Oh oh oh,do you guys know what I gave to my best friend?A new watch!She needed one so I bought her one!ha ha!^-^d

So...kinda late but how was your Christmas?!

OK so I'll have to go...bye!

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