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Monday, December 19, 2005

   Last week of school!!!!
Hello everyone!

Thanks for the comments!^-^
Oh and my dad is doing fine and he said that he might come back home in time to go Christmas shopping...XD...
I bought some stuff for my friends and I'm gonna buy something special for my best friend...^^...mymom wants me to buy a watch for her[since she wants one] for $14.99...well at leats it's on sell!

My dad wants me to buy a disney watch at $50...it's all pink and it'S has Eyore on it...a character from Winnie The Pooh...it's just so cute but $50 is a lot just for a watch...u.u

Ok so,as you see,there is my new layout!Some of you may have seen it and some of you haven't so here it is!^-^Don't ya like it?!
I got some help from my sister of course..^_~

Oh and last perod at school,I had P.E and we are now in the swimming pool...the water was perfect!I don't know how to swim but I did have fun!Well I can swim under water but just can't stay long enough...better then nothing!I'm learning all by myself!XD And my hair dryed so fast so my friends were like...O.O...XD

Ok so...I think that's enough...but one more thing,it really scares me that my brother is all nice...but I do apreciate it but...o.O...

Ok now I shall end my post before I write more...XP...sorry for the long post everyone!But thanks if you read it all!

Bye and take care!

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