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Friday, December 16, 2005

   NO SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...[TGIF!]
Hello everyone!^-^
Me have no school!!!Cuz over here we have lots of snow...and my best friend told me that she won't go to school...and so,I called my other friend and she won't go neither...and now I'm here,on the computer chatting with my friends...^_______^
But some of my other friends are going to school...u.u...

Ok so since me don't have any school,I will have mmore time ON THE COMP!!!And my sister and brother are suffering right now...in the cold snow while going to school...u.u...oh well!just kiding!!!Well my sister and brother are going to school...poor them...u.u

My brother was so nice this morning!!!My mom woked up at 7:30 to go outside to take out the snow...and when it was 8:00...[that's the time that I have to wake each morning to go to school] and I didn't put my alarm so my brother came and woke me up...how nice of him!^-^[for once...>.>...]

Well bye everyone!Going to go do my stuff!

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