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Friday, September 16, 2005

   GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AHEM,why hello there!
Hey everyone!

I'm so happy!I may not have visited everyone but I did visit people who commented and some more.YAY!

Well as you have notices,NEW LAYOUT!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the song that is on my site.It's called Powerless from Nelly Furtado...I wanted to put that song a CCS wallpaper...I hope you guys like it...

I'm happy but sad and mad at the same time....
Happy because I'm always like that and sad cuz of 2 reasons...well I don't think my dad will come home for the week-end which means that I won'T get my shoes...I hate the one that I'm wearing...it's so old but the shoe mark is Adidas...and I can't wear skirt since it wouldn't be really nice and since I can't wear my flip flops at school,I have to wea pants...-_-

And second reason...no one have joined my Pocky Sticks Lover club...only me and my sister...I thought that lots of people love them...Guess I'm the only Pocky lover over here...u.u

And I'm mad cuz I CAN'T CHANGE MY AVATAR!!!!!GRRRR...It happended once to me...or maybe twice...I'll figure out a way...someday....


Well I gotta go!...
See ya and have a nice day!

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