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Friday, August 19, 2005

   3 days left till my B-day!
Hello people!!
Today is cold...I still didn't want to get out of my blanket....since mine was all warm and soft!^^
Well I went to see my daddy!I think he is in the operation room right now...he's getting a new liver...hope the operation will go well...
But it's sad that he won't be able to get out of the hospital for my birthday which it is in 3 days...

I hate it...I can't open my programs...and I needed the graphic editor to make a banner for the new club and for the new layout which it's in September....u.u

Oh in Neopets,in the fruit machine,I won 2500np plus a petpet^^YAY!

Well it's time to go!
Sorry if I didn't visited you guys...yesterday,I didn' really touch the comp since my bro and sister was on...I'll try to do my best tonight...well I don'T know what to do tonight...should I visit you guys all night long or should I work on my freewebs......I need you guys!!!!Please help!

Well good bye!^___^

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