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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hey everyone!
Sorry for not visiting you guys...I busy changing my layout...actually,I was seaching for a good song to go with my theme...a tsubasa song but then gave up and took this song...do you all like it?!
Usually I keep my layouts for 2 weeks for this is for Lie74's contest...^.^

I'll do my best to visit you guys tonight!

Ok...this mornig...I pull out my tooth...lol!I didn't told my parents cuz if I told my mom,then she will tell it to my dad an he'll take it out for me...with his tools...it'S very scary...more scrary then going to the dentist...lol...so I pulled it out by myself...I think it's wierd....I mean it's now that I'm starting to loose all of my baby tooth...>.>;

This Saturday,my cousins from the u.s are coming....YAY!PARTY!!!Oh and one of my cousind has a bany and HER name is Isabella^-^How cute!But I don't think she'll come cuz of the baby...need a passport or something like that....

Sorry for the long post...just haven't updated for days and needed to tell all the information that I got...=^.^=

Well see ya and take care!

Oh and I took off the right-clicking...don't know why...

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

   I'm back!
Hello everyone!
Sorry to update so late...

I just came back from shopping...^^

Well yesterday was fun but we didn't stay for the fireworks...oh well..
I did lots of rides and it was cool!There was one that was fun and that I coudn't believe that I did it^^It was the Splash!YAY!I was able to drag my sister with me!Hehehehe^-^She was mad since we were all wet after the ride and my mom was mad too since we were wet...^^;

Oh and there was japanese crÍpe(pancakes but japanese call them crÍpe)!But we didn't ate any...T-T

It was just too cool!!!And we ate at McDonalds...^^

Oh they had a diving show...IT WAS COOL TOO!!And also funny^_^

Well that was my day of yesterday...I'll do my best to vist you guys!
See ya and take care!

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Friday, July 22, 2005

Hello everyone!
Sorry if I didn't visisted you last night....I wanted but the internet was so slow and it started to bug out...>.<

I'll do my best today!

Today is my sister's BIRTHDAY!!!We ate a CHOCOLATE cake^.^It was good but I don't really icing...^^;

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I just can't wait for tomorrow!!!WE ARE GOING TO THE AMUSEMENT PARK!!!!My dad finally decided to go on saturday^-^
So tomorrow I won't be able to visit you or post...

I think I'm gonna change my layout for Lie74's contest^^
I think I'll be working on it today.....

See ya and take care!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

   I'm still sad...
Hello everyone!
Today is so sunny and warm but windy at the same time^^The good weather!!

Sorry if I didn't visit you guys...I was too depress...u.u...but now I'm ok...Tommy(that was he's name for the green bird)didn't come back..he's gone for ever...I'm kinda worried for him....cuz you don't know whta will happened...what if he starve of hunger..or if he's too cold at night...I'm worried...If he was...how can I say this..."dead"...then atleast I know that it would be in a safe place....right?!
Now Lily(the otherbird who is yellow)feels so lonely...T-T
My dad said maybe we could buy a new one...but then they would be scared of each other u.u

Well lets change subjet....

We won't go to the amusement park this Friday cuz Saturday we'll go somewhere by the lac and there will be lots of asain peoples buying stuff and eating...^^

Then we'll go to LaRonde(the amusement park) on Wednesday^^ cuz that will fireworks!And we won't miss any of our fav shows like anime^-^!!!!!

Well I gotta go!
I'll do my best to go to our sites!Promise!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

   Sad news...
Hello everyone...
1 min ago,it was raining for awhile...now it's all sunny...just like yesterday...^^;

*snif snif*my bird...our green bird...*snif snif* flew away...each morning,my dad puts the cage outside and I think the cage door was open...and he left...

We have 2 parakeets...one is green and the other one is yellow...the green one left and the yellow is still inside...thank god!
But I'm sad.....I don't know if we are be able to find him...

Well I gotta go...I'll try my best to visit you guys....maybe it will change my mood.

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Monday, July 18, 2005

   It's so hot over here!
Hello everyone!

So glad that you guys like my new layout!^^

Sorry if I didn't visited you guys yesterday....I couldn't go last night I've used all my time making the new theme..u.u
I'm visiting people right now..^-^

Next week,my cousins are coming over!!YAY!!PARTY!

I just can't wait for Friday!!!!!!!!!!
For my sister's b-day,we are going to the amusment park!!
My dad asked me if I would like to go on Saturday for fireworks at night....If we go on Saturday,it will too crowed...but if we go on Friday,they will be no fireworks=(
Now what to do,what to do....

Well I gotta go!
See ya and take care!

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Sunday, July 17, 2005

   New theme!
Hello everyone!
Do you all like it?!
I'm sorry if you are not a big fan of pink....
It says in the marquee thingy: Happy Birthday NittlerGrasper^^
It's gonna her b-day soon..this friday!

Well this morning I went kinda....crazy.....>.>;

It was raining and I was watching my favorite show that I was waiting for all week and then the TV shut down....and the show was getting to the good part...T-T
It's not like if I have broken something...I just went mad...really mad...and......

The thing is that now is better...but still...now I still have to wait another week for my show T-T

Well I gotta go!
I'll try my best to visit youguys ok?!
See ya and take care!

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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Today is so sunny!!
I don't whant I'm gonna do today......I wish I could go to the park....maybe I could ask my dad so that we could go together^^

Maybe I'll change my site tonight....or maybe tomorrow...

Well I gotta go!
See ya and take care!!

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Friday, July 15, 2005

Hi everyone!

Today is sunny and..umm...hot but cold at the same time...^^

I'm feeling alot better now thanks to you guys!

I promise that I will visit you guys tonight ok?!

Oh and I'll change my layout..maybe sunday or monday...or maybe sooner...

My dad sayd that he'll go to the beach next week and we'll go to LaRonde!It's an amusement park^^It will be so cool! And we are going there next friday for someone special!

Well I gotta go!
See ya and take care!

Oh and I almost forgot...watermelon anybody?!

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

YAY!We can watch TV again!!!

I had a headache last night....still have it...I feel like I wanna..well you know..vomit...>.<

I don't wanna be sick!!

Sorry if I didn't visit you guys for awhile....don't feel well...I'll do my best ok?!
I feel dizzy right now... and I'm hungry too...I'll do my best!I promise!!

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