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Saturday, August 13, 2005

   New Look!!!

I changed my layout!!!!
So,as you can see,it's Kira Yamato!!!!!!!^-^

I just love him!!!And his image song!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you NittlerGrasper for the song!!!!!!!!

My cousin is coming to sleep over for tonight..so I won't have time to visit you guys!Sorry...T-T

Well,I have to go..see ya and take care!!

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Friday, August 12, 2005

Hi everyone!
It's kinda cloudy over here....oh well...

Umm..tonight I'll be changing my layout...but I need paint shop pro so I'll download it tonight so that my brother will not know...^.^

I'm changing my mind...instead of doing a Kurogane and Mokona fan club...(cuz there is not much people who know does guys...)so I'll be making a Pocky Sticks club^^with all the flavor;strawberry,vanilla,chocolate,coconut butter.....and etc.

Tomorrow my cousin Crystal will some over...

Oh and I CAN'T believe I forgot to put a pic of my lil niece...>.<
So here it is:

She is sleeping^^
hehe,half portugese,half cambodian=^.^=

Have a nice day!
See ya and take care!

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Hello everyone!
It's so sunny!

I've finally got my photos!!!!
So just click on the pic to view it bigger^^

This is some of my claasmates and friends^^

From left to right,Gabriel,Sebastien and Oliver

Just some guys^-^

From left to right always,Chralie and Isaak

Dayanne,Sara and Marina

Sabrina and Mary-Lou in the girls washroom^.^

Audrey,Marina and Mylene

Me and my best friend^____^

My teacher from 6th grade and me

My lil cousins,from left to right,Alisha and Crystal

Me and a lil girl from preschool,Noemie

I have more but I don't want to show them^.^

Well I'll do my best to visit you....butI'm really busy....

See ya and take care!

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Tuesday, August 9, 2005

   Hello everyone!
How is everyone doing?!
Me fine^^

Well my mom some orange milkshake and it was good!^-^
Wanna know how my mom do it?!
Well she put ice cream,ice and orange juice in the blender...and maybe something else....or maybe not.....well it's really good!

Well you'll all have to wait till I'll be done with my layout to know wich one I pick^.^hehe
I'll try to change it this week...

I visited almost everybody last night and very proud of it!

God...I have to work on my freewebs...maybe on friday night....

I gotta go!
See ya and take care!


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Monday, August 8, 2005

   Hello everyone!
Well today is hot..^^and also sunny!

Well I'll be changing theme soon cuz I want to but I don't know which one to do...Card Captor Sakura or Kira Yamato from Gundam Seed...help please!

Oh and thank you so much you guys for the comments and votes!I really appreciate it!^__________^v

Oh and I'm really sorry for not visiting all of you...my brother and sister were huging the comp...well actually it was my brother...so I don't have lots of time...I always get kicked off since I'm the youngest...>.>sheesh...
And I'll be really busy...I'll be working on my freewebs and I have to make some stuff and blablabla...

And my brother took off paint shop!!!!!-_-...what a jerk...I'll have to wait for wednesday to have it back...don't know why...>.>

Well I got to go!
See ya and take care!

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Saturday, August 6, 2005

Hi again!
Well it's still sunny!

Last night I submited my drawings...(2) and I hope you'll like it...I've drew them for school presentation last year...everybody liked it..^^
It was made on October something 2004...but I know it was on a Wednesday...

Well I gotta go!

(I'm working on my club banner....)

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Friday, August 5, 2005

   What a sunny day!
Hello everyone!
Today is so hot!
I couldn't even sleep last night it was to hot!God...

Well I'll submit my drawings tonight^^

Ok....well you guys know that I wanted to make a new club...
Well Mokona is the little creature who is spinning around...that avatar in my post...^^

She's from the manga and anime Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle..a shonen manga by CLAMP!!
TRC is a cross-over manga&anime from all of CLAMP's past works(Chobits,CCS,Magic Knights Rayearth,Clamp School Detectives,XXX Holic...I'm sure there'll be more characters from other series,like Tokyo Babylon...^.^)

As you may notice,my current theme features TRC's heroes;Shaolan and Sakura^^

Now Kurogane looks like this:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Ain't he cute?!^.^

He's a worrior from ancient Japan(this story involves lots of different dimensions and worlds..),his master is Princess Tomoyo!He wants to become the strongest and will kill all who oppose him..that's why Tomoyo hime cast a spell on him(if he ever kill for no reason,his strenght will dicrease) and she sent him to the Fuko,a sorceress who has power over all dimensions)
To get back to Japan,he decides to follow Shaolan and Fay..well,he didn't rally had a choice..^^;

Well that was a description of Kurogane and Mokona..well we can say just that she is cute and posesses lots of secret abilities..not to mention that she's a good actor^-^
Sounds interesting?o_OWell..?
If some people join(which I hope so)then I'll start making the banner tonight...^-^

I will be busy tonight so I'll do my best to visit you guys!

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Thursday, August 4, 2005

Hi everyone!
Today is so sunny!!!^^

Well nothing secial today...I'm just thinking of putting some drawings on MyO...should I?!

Oh and I don't now why but I want tomake another club...I already have 3...I thought maybe I could make a Mokona and Kurogane fan club....heheh^^Should I?!
Well if I make the club...would you guys join?!

Well I gotta go!
See ya and take care!

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Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Hello everyone!
Sorry for not visiting you guys!
It was raining alot then it got sunny but it was still raining...oh yeah..thunders...but it wasn't loud...^^

Well my cousins left yesterday....it was fun^^
I got to see Isabella(my niece) and she was so cuuuute!!!I took some pictures of her...with the same camera that I used for the last day of school...^^;I didn't go develop the pictures yet....I promise I'll show those pics sooner or later^^

I'll do my best to visit you guys!

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Friday, July 29, 2005

   Can't wait for tomorrow!
Hello everyone!
Today is so sunny!^^

Sorry if I didn't visit you guys,I'll do it tonight.

Yesterday,I cleaned up my room and the pool and then my sister and I played basketball and badminton...it was fun^___^

And my best friend called me and she was mad cuz I never call her...it's because I have nothing to say...god...>.>

I went to grocery shopping with my parents and I wanted to buy pocky sticks but I couldn't find them...so I was like...NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!T^T....Oh well....u.u

Well today I was to clean the house again so that it would clean and shinywhen my cousins are coming tomorrow..^^I can't wait!Oh and cousin is coming with Isabella, her baby!^_____^

Well I gotta go!
See ya and take care!

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