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Thursday, September 15, 2005

   Been awhile...
Hi everyone!

Well it's been awhile since I didn't update...and I did manage to visit some people...I'll try to visit you guys tonight at 9:00 or tomorrow in the afternoon if my brother and sister goes to school cuz I HAVE NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!!MHUAHAHAHAHAHA..^-^d

School is cool...I did all of my homework yesterday(I only had 2^^)and the teachers haven't gave us homework...YES!

So I'm free...but for the past few days...I've been chating with some of my friends and cousins and it was fun...each time I chat with a new friend,I always present my lil baby SAM...lol^^'
Really,I always ask"do you wanna see my baby?!"and they answer"sure! or of course!" and blablabla...it's always funny for me^^(do you guys understant what I'm saying roght now?!If no,well me very sorry....^^')I'll be off soon cuz of my fav shows so...BYE!

See ya and take care!
I hope my sis and bro do have school tomorrow so that I spend all day visiting you guys!^.^d......-_-'

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Hi everyone!...
I'm a bad person...I feel awful...I'M SORRY FOR NOT VISITING YOU GUYS!!!

I don't really have a good reason but it's because of school...I had to do my ugly homework...and I got tired of MyO...sometimes I feel like I want to delete my account...u.u

Well I'm gonna try to visit you guys...oh and one more reason...I only have 30min on the comp the week-days...cuz my shows starts at 4:30 and I arrive at 3:50...so I don't really have lots of time...

But I would like to say THANK YOU ALL FOR VISITING ME!It always makes me happy^-^

Well I'm off...bye!
Oh and 3 more words,I AM SORRY

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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Hi everyone!!

For the past few days,it was sunny...cold in the morning but hot in the afternoon...

I have to admit that I visited NO ONE....I AM TRULY SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was doing my homework and other school stuff....but I PROMISE I'll visit everyone who visited me.^^

My nose really hurts since I alwasy have to blow my nose...>.<

Oh and I keep on forgetting that I made a new club...you know I was talking about it a long time ago....It a Pocky Lover Club!hehehehehe^.^d
If you wanna join,PM me!^^

Well bye!

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Monday, September 5, 2005

Hi people!

I didn't have time to visit everyone but I did visit people who visited me^^

Well yesterday,my family and I went shopping!!!!Finally!
I almost got new shoes but it was to expensive...T^T...But my mom said that she'll buy new ones when my dad will be out of the hospital which is i 1-2 or 2 weeks!!!!

Well I'm off to visit my dad!
See ya and take care and I'll visit you all later!


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Sunday, September 4, 2005

   So sorry............
Why hello there everyone!
I'm SOOOOOOO SORRY for not visitng you guys.....SORRY!!!!

Yesterday I was doing my math homework and I organnized my stuff for school and I was working on my scheduale...instead of waisting 5cents just to photocopy it,I wrote it and stuff...^^'
I was just too lazy to go to the library and do it...I've could do it at home but we don't have ink to print it.....>.>'

YAY!!All of my programs like paint are working!!!!!!!!!!So now I can make cheap graphics!!^-^

My dad told me yesterday that he would be ale to come home just for a day or two but now he can't...T-T

Well I gotta go...bye!

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Thursday, September 1, 2005

   Oh boy...
Hi people!

Weather:So sunny and windy...PERFECT!^^

School:Well school was fun today...execpt for math class...I don't really like the teacher...don't know why...oh and he smells funny...which means taht it's horrible when he passes by me....>.<

For my first class,I had art class but I though it was french class since yesterday we didn't have school,I was kinda mixed with my schedual...ok so yeah...I went to my french class and it seemed different since I didn't recognize the people...and then when I looked at my schedual,I was supposed to be in Art class...so I ran back to my locker and got my art stuff and went back up to the art class...it took me 1min o find my class...u.u...and I was SOOOO tired cuz I was at the 3rd floor for my french class...>.<...so yeah...I've arrived in time for my class...JUST IN TIME..u.u
SORRY IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND A SINGLE WORD THAT I SAID...not good at explaning things...>.<

At lunch time,I went to my best friend's house to eat(in secret...)yeah...my mom doesn't know taht...if I told her,she would have killed me...>.<

So yeah...that was my day...oh and I made myself a new friend in art class cuz she did the same thing as me...>.<...lol

Sorry if I don't visit you...I always visit people who comment first then I go visit ramdom people...

Well hope you guys have a nice day!

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hello everyone!

It as raining this morning...ALOT...and it was kinda windy...ALOT..lol^^...The electricity went out...but now it's ok...

It's momiji!!^-^
My sister and I decided(well it was actually my idea..)to do a theme together!^^
Hope you all like it!

I totally forgot to tell you guys yesterday that today we don't have school since teachers are on stike...AGAIN.

Well now I'm really hungry so see ya and have a nice day!

About the banners that are below the post,I'll take them off and put it on freewebs soon...^^'

Well BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

   First day of school...
Well hello everyone!

Today was warm sunny in the morning but now it's kinda cloudy...which means it will probably rain...

Well first day of went ok...teh locker is soooooo old and crappy...and I don't even have 1 single class with my best friend...and our locker are far...well not really...but she is next to this girl we hate and they hate us...>.< Poor her....

Well I tried to visit everyone of you...

Gotta go!See ya and have a nice day!

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Monday, August 29, 2005

Hello everbody!

Today is so warm but cloudy...

I went to the hospital to go see my daddy cause tomorrow I will be at school....>.<
We went to buy a lock for my locker and stuff...for school....>.<

Tomorrow school will start...>.<...but I'm also excited to see my friends and I can't wait to decorate my locker!^^;

Well yesterday I worked on my freewebs instead of visiting you...so sorry!

I'll be deleting some people in my list...but it's hard!!!

Well I gotta go...see ya!I'll be changing my layout soon...IT WILL BE___________haha!not telling!You all have to wait!!!MUHAHAHAHA!!!!!!But my sister and I will have the same layout.Just for fun!^^
And should I keep my chat box?!

Well bye!!!!

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hello everyone!
Sorry for not visiting you guys for 2 days...well I was able to visit a few...^^

Oh well...>.>

I've won RuriRuri's contest in the Boy theme category^-^YAY for me!!!lol^^

I'll try to visit you guys...^^
See ya and take care!

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