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Sunday, October 9, 2005

   New layout^-^
Hiya everyone!!!

Sorry for not visitin yesterday...didn't go to the computer except for doing my layout for halloween...the candies lokks more like Valentine candies...OH WELL...^^'I hope you still like the new theme!I tried to be original^.^

I don't know if the song works...It was supposed to be "I want Candy" from Aaron Carter...>.>

Well yesterday I went to the hospital to see my dear DADDY.My aunt from the U.S came just for one day and went back to home.And today another aunt will come from California.HAHA.Over there is hot but over here,all cold...windy...^^'

Well when I went to see my dad,he started crying...and we all started crying too.I miss my dad...now I have to wait for another month till he comes home.And it will be so cold...T^T

Well I gotta go.I'll do my best to visit all of you guys.That I promise.

Bye bye!^-^v

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Thursday, October 6, 2005

Been awhile!

I hope that you'll all forgive!I did visit some people but not everyone yesterday...SORRY

Well here is my plan for tomorrow since I don't have school^-^

Friday,cleaning up my room which means organizing everything + new layout for halloween

Saturday,visiting + study for school and read new book(girls in jean,the third summer)

Sunday,visiting plus sleeping


Maybe I'll visit my dad but that I'm not sure....

Well I gotta go!
See ya and take care!

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Sunday, October 2, 2005


Well how was your week-end?!
I went to Wal-Mart this morning and then,we went to go cut my hair....^^
Now my haie short...can't wait to show my friends!^-^

Well I did visit some people...gonna try to do it again....

Well I gotta!
See ya and take care!


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Friday, September 30, 2005


Been windy...which means cold..

Well I have no homework...wait...I have a science thing that I have to do...>.<...but still...school been alot better...made some new friends...^^

I'm feeling alot better...well better than yesterday...

Well since it's friday,I'll be able to visit some precious peoples...like YOU.^-^
But I will also be working on my freewebs...and chat a little bit with my new friends...just for awhile.

Thank you for forgiven me.That made felt better!^.^d

Oh and next friday,I won't have school,so maybe,if my bro and sis have school,I'll be able to do my stuff on the comp...and on October 10th,no school again since it's gonna be thanksgiven for us canadian.but that's next week...>.>

I shall go now and visit later.

THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Thursday, September 29, 2005

   Been awhile...
Hiya people!

Well...umm...what should I say...Ah yes!I'M SO SORRY AGAIN.Seriously...I don't even deserve having comments today...I know I didn't visit people...I had school work...YAH...SCHOOL....dam you teachers!
And I don't have lots of time on the computer because of my siblings...>.<
So it's hard for to get to the comp....U.U

I shall make it up to you.Friday will be a BUSY day...I'm not even organize!!!!!!!!!!!NO!!!T^T

I have to work on freewebs but I also have to visit you guys.And soon,I'll change my theme for halloween...but that will be either in next week or in 2 weeks...but yeah....I DON'T KNOW WHAT DO TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But since I didn't visited some people...they deleted me...T^T
But the thing is that they didn't even visited me...I'M TRYING TO DO MY BEST OVER HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And I'm 12...and it's my first year in junior high...so I must get use to it...WHY IS LIFE SO HARD?!!!!!!!!

And I'll miss my fav show cuz I'm going to go get my bro and sis to go to the bank and all......(personal stuff)


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Friday, September 23, 2005

Hey ya all!^-^

Finally it's friday...čAnd I have no homework...but I gotta study for my english oral....and darn it,I forgot my book so I can't practice...>.<...T-T...but atleast my english class is in the 3rd period which means that I can still practice at school...>.<

Well about the paintball thingy...the guy only had paintballs so...no rocks...what a relief...would you imagine someone being hit by a rock?!(or shot...>.>)It was just a rumor but that is in serious trouble...WITH THE POLICE.And the people who got hit are fine now...nothing serious...

Well I would like to thank everyone who visited me!Thank you!!!
I'll visit everyone tonight...and maybe if I have time I'll......^^

[About my dad]
Oh and yesterday,my mom scared me...yeah...it seems that the liver that they gave to dad isn't working with him...so he'll need a new one and I think he's sick...well that is what I heard from my mom,and yeaterday night,I heard her fom the phone and I understood some things that she said...and it really scared me...I'm so worried about my poor daddy...And yesterday night,we all prayed for him in the living room...and my brother was so rude....I really hope he'll be fine...I'll go visit him tomorrow...Please help him....

So yeah...because of that,I couldn't sleep last night since I was crying...but no one knew since I cried silently...on my bed...it just worried me...Oh boy...tears are coming...well I gotta go....see you all tonight!

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hi Hi Hi!

How was school today everyone?!
Well mine...it's was ok...There were just some police officers and an ambulance at school...No seriously...THERE WERE AN AMBULANCE AND SOME POLICE OFFICERS!!!!!!!!!!!

From what I heard from my friends and other people,some jerk (brought a paintball gun(I think) I heard some people said that he was SHOOTING in the school bus...like under the benches...and it hit some people shoes of foot...and then this afternoon,he shot someone or some peoples in the woods(with he's paintball gun)...and I think his friends was there with him...so they were laughing at the people who got HIT...and then(what I heard)since he didn't have some paintballs left,he used some ROCKS...which might have hurt someone...STUPID JERK!!!!!!!!!!

Atleast I wasn't there...but that it what I heard...I'm so sorry id you don't understand a single word that I wrote.....u.u

Oh now to other stuff....In english class,each time we have a lil pop-quiz,I always get a 100%!^-^d

Oh and I AM REALLY SORRY FOR NOT VISITING PEOPLE FOR AWHILE...you don't know how it's hard to be on the comp when you have school,brother and sister...u.u
I'll try to make it up sooner or later....
But now I have to go...my favorite show will start soon.


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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Why hello there everyone!

It's windy outside...I lie it when it's windy^^But not when I'm wearing a skirt...(if you kno whta I mean...whoop,up in the air)

Well school is ok...got an english homework...must do an oral presentation in English class...>.<
When I'm to stressed out,I get a tongue tie...or whatever...XP

Well it seems that I made myself a new friend...Her names Julie...she wrote "I love Sam" in my Agenda...who the hell is Sam?!And I wrote WTF?! next to it...^^'

My best friend lost her Identity card...now she has to pay $2,25 I think to have a new one...Poor girl...u.u

Well I'm really sorry for not visiting you guys...Since I got a day off last friday,my sister have been on...so yeah...SORRY!...

Wow...I can't belive I got 216 guestbook signings...my sister will be so jealous!^-^

Well I gotta go!

I'll try to visit as much often!

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Hello people!!

I am so happy for lots of reasons^-^

Well first of all,my dad is here for the week-end!!!!!!!!!!!^^I'm really happy!Maybe I'll get my shoes this week-end...well I hope so...
Secondly,I am in the top 500!!!!!!FINALLY!Actually,my rank is 500...^^'
Thirdly,some people did say that they would love to join my Pocky lover club^^Later in the day,I'll PM them just to be sure...
And last but not least,I'm always happy because it's a saturday!

Oh and I'm glad that all of you like my theme^^Oh and sorry if you don't really like the pink and all of those bright colors ^^'

Well bye!

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Friday, September 16, 2005

   GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AHEM,why hello there!
Hey everyone!

I'm so happy!I may not have visited everyone but I did visit people who commented and some more.YAY!

Well as you have notices,NEW LAYOUT!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the song that is on my site.It's called Powerless from Nelly Furtado...I wanted to put that song a CCS wallpaper...I hope you guys like it...

I'm happy but sad and mad at the same time....
Happy because I'm always like that and sad cuz of 2 reasons...well I don't think my dad will come home for the week-end which means that I won'T get my shoes...I hate the one that I'm wearing...it's so old but the shoe mark is Adidas...and I can't wear skirt since it wouldn't be really nice and since I can't wear my flip flops at school,I have to wea pants...-_-

And second reason...no one have joined my Pocky Sticks Lover club...only me and my sister...I thought that lots of people love them...Guess I'm the only Pocky lover over here...u.u

And I'm mad cuz I CAN'T CHANGE MY AVATAR!!!!!GRRRR...It happended once to me...or maybe twice...I'll figure out a way...someday....


Well I gotta go!...
See ya and have a nice day!

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