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Sunday, November 6, 2005

   New layout!

Check out the new layout!
My onee-chan made it for me!
You like it?!!

Well daddy is home!!!!!
YAY!But his medicent cost up to $3000...O_O

Well don't have much to say...just gonna visit people.


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Friday, November 4, 2005

   What a nice day!
Hi hi hi!
Feels so good to be back home!
I have some good news!

In math class,I got a 77% on my math test!Compaired to the other one that I did,this one is better!^-^
And we watched a movie!I've already watch it last year in music class!
The title is "Les Choristes"
Yeah,it's only in french.

In french class,I got 95% in my french test!O_O...Wow,I can't believe it...the score was on 66,and I got 63.3 errors...WOW...

And it felt better to have 4 comments.I promise I'll visit you guys at night while changing my theme.Oki doki?!^-^

Oh and I think my dad will come tomorrow...I was so excited to come back home seeing my dad at home...but I guess it will be tomorrow...well that is what my mom told me.
He has to wait he' doctor for something...oh well...>.>

Well bye!!!

I'll visit you all tonight everyone!I PROMISE!!!

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Thursday, November 3, 2005

   SO HAPPY!!!

Me so happy!!!YES,YES,YES!!!My dad is coming home tomorrow!!!!My dad have been doing great!He isn't sick of nothing.So he'll be coming home on Friday!!!!!!WOOTWOOT!!!^-^d

Ok,ok,today...blah...it's ok.No homework and on lunch time,me and my best friend went to the woods behind the school.Yeah,our school has a forest on the back.So yeah,it was sooo cool!!Cuz me and her love being in the nature!And it's so mysterious!^-^It was fun!

Well friday,I will be soooo busy!
I will my theme while visiting you people and chating with my friends.x.x

Oh and I'm still happy with my wallet!I wish I could show you guys!
Well I'm off visiting you all!

It was disapointing to just see 2 comments...I mean...I did visit people...rght?

Well bye bye!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Hello everyone!

How are you all doing?!!
Me,great!Well...I'm having a headache right now....but it will soon be gone.^^

Today...blah...boring as usual...but I have no homework!YES!

Oh and yesterday,my mom bought me a new Hello Kitty wallet for me!!!!!My dad told my mom to buy me one.^^Nice daddy!
It's soo beautiful!And my bought some donughts too!lol^^It was good!

Well,well...I'm eating candy right now...and Oh Henry bar that people gave me on Halloween night.SO DELICIOUS!^-^

Ok...I'll try to visit as many people as I can tonight...and on Friday,I'll cange my theme cuz those Barbies are freaking me out.lol^^'...but I like the song...

Well see you later!!!!
Love ya all *bimbo friends!!And take care!


*bimbo friends...lol!It's from the Barbie song!^-^

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Monday, October 31, 2005

   HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!!...I went to China Town!^-^
Hello friends!

So yeah....no school for me today!^-^
I went to the hospital to see my dear daddy.He's doing fine now...I he told me that we might be out of the hospital in 2 or 3 days!WOOHOO!
And my mom decided to go to China Town since it's kinda close to the hospital.Ahhh!I LOVE CHINA TOWN!

There were LOTS of anime stuff.Some figurine,posters,key chains,stikers....A LOT OF STUFF!
And there were Hello Kitty stuff.I've almost bought something but my mom told me that she'll someting better than that...but Hello Kitty is better than anything else...poo...=(...and it came right from Japan the seller said...but my mom did told m that next time,she'll by me someting from China Town...>.>...next time...and I didn't even bought my precious Pocky Sticks....>.<

Well yeah...I can't wait for tonight!Trick-or-treating for CANDIES!!!*drools*

Well I gotta go!
See you all later and take care!

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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Hey everyone!

YAY!It's saturday!!!Which means 2 days before halloween!^-^
But school was ugly....no halloween party...and we couldn't even where are costumes...T^T...I wanted to show off my friends...lol

Well my dad came home today,he'll live tomorrow...he's so skinny now...

Well I did visit people yesterday and last thursday...I'm so proud of myself!^-^

Oh and maybe I'll change my site while you're commenting...a new layout for halloween.The REAL layout for halloween...MWUHAHAHA!!!

Oh and one last thing....are you gonna go trick-or-treat on monday night?!

Well I gotta go!!
See you and take care!

[Edit]So yeah....the new and real layout for HALLOWEEN is done!
You must have terrified huh?!MWUHAHAHAHA
Yeah...barbie...sometimes they scares me...with their eyes always OPEN...and the always smile...and...O_O
Hope you like it...well no...hope you are scared of my site!
Ain't I original?!lol
Well yeah...bye!And never look behing you cuz you never know...mabe there is one behing YOU.

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Well hello there everyone!


Ok...so yeah...school have been ok...did some exams...>.>

Can't wait for halloween!^-^

Tomorrow I'll have a math exam...>.<

Well nothing much...tonight I won't on the comp since it's gonna be my sister...friday...the best day to visit people!^-^

Bye and take care!

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

   Been awhile...
Hiya everyone!

So yeah,my internet works!!!!!HOORAY!!!!^-^d

I'm visiting people right now...

Well since mybrother is not here,I'll lost of time on the computer but my sister have to do some works for school...>.<

Oh and in Gym class,I've passed the test for wall climbing or rock climbing or whatever ou call!!!!!
I got a 100%!!!!I'm so good!^__^d But by doing the exam,I hurt myself while practicing...I hurt my lil thumbs...T-T...but now it's ok^^ oh and I hurt my knee too...but I'm fine now...

And in my french class,I got a 83% in my test!!!!!!^-^...but that one doesn't count...-_-'Worked so har for nothing...oh well!

Well I gotta go and visit people.
Bye and take care!

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

   So sorry...
Hiya people!

It's been awhile!
Sorry but for now,I don't internet so I'm updating at school.
I won't have time to visit.Since I'm at school...

Well I gotta go.

I'm REALLY sorry!!!
I'll visit all of you guys when my internet will be fix.

Love you all!
Please don't delete me.It's not my fault...T^T

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

   Hi you guys!

Well today was a good day.No homework...I have passed my P.E evaluation...YAY!
In P.E,we did the climbing wall thing...I got 100%!!!^-^d

Well except that...I have nothing to say...I'm gonna try to visit everyone that visited me last time and this time.

And in my neopet account...I CAN'T EVEN LOG IN!!!!!!GRR...they say that it's frozen...WHAT DID I DO WRONG??!!I didn't brake the rules...I just wanna say *BEEP*...OK OK...I didn't really mean it...just wanted to write that...

Well I gotta go...see ya and take care!

Oh and you guys know what?!For my freewebs site,I'm doing a new one...maybe this friday I'll start...

Gotta go!

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