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Saturday, June 25, 2005

   1004 visiters!!!
Sorry if I didn't update yesterday...it was too late when I arrived at home...cuz yesterday I went to one of my mom friends to go cut my hair...with my mom,sister and brother...for all 4 of us,it cost 22$^^Now my hair is kinda short...it long before...maybe I could show you all a pic me again with my long hair and my short hair....
Oh and of course,yesterday was the St. John the Baptist day for Quebec

This morning I did the dishesand I went grocery shopping with my parents
Watermelon anybody?!

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Well I'm gonna go swimming!
See ya and take care!

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Finally summer vacation!!

I don't know why but this morning...there were tears on my face...so yeah...I think I cried a little bit this morning
Guess that I already miss my friends...espacially ones that will go to another school....Let's change subjet!

In the afternoon,I did some cleaning in my room...wich I share with my sister(she's really desorganize...and keeps her stuff on the floor and all of that...-_-)
I had the energy to clean I did it.Still more cleaning to do...for tomorrow....but for now...I'm to tired

My mom is making a cake just for fun

I didn't go swimming today cuz it'S kinda cold outside....

Well I'm hungry so see ya!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

   Today 6th grade,tomorrow 7th grade
I've graduated from 6th grade^^
I'm free!!!

I cried at the end of the day!^^;
Everyone was like"Don't cry sweetie!" or "Gonna miss you!" and stuff like that!

In the afternoon,there was music!
And then tehre was a speach from the principal saying stuff and he said to all 6 graders good luck and all of that...^^

I took some pictures!But I couldn't take one on the front of the school.....

Our teacher gave us a little gif,a letter and an album with some pages so that people could sign in it^^I had everybody!!

Well that was my day!I can't believe that I'm going to junior high!And my best friend passed math thanks to MOI!

In exactly 2 month,it's gonna be my birthday!...It will be long....u.u

See ya and take care!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

   1 more day!!!
In moral/religion class,we continued teh movie and it was
It was so funny!

It was sunny and hot today!

We did a last minute projet and we presented today...it was fun^^

Tomorrow,last day of school!
My best friend and I planed to visit the hole school since it gonna be our last time at this school....next year,junior high...Me gonna take some photos(souvenirs)
Maybe I could show you guys my school when I'm gonna take them!

See ya and take care!

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Monday, June 20, 2005

   My sis was still hugging the computer...
Sorry if I didn't visit you guys...Really sorry!!

Today was sunny and hot!
I think that the day went pretty fast!

In the afternoon,our class watched a movie!!!It was Image hosted by TinyPic.com^_^
Pretty funny!
Oh and in music class,another movie!And tonight,another movie but on TV!And tomorrow,just another movie!lol

Only 2 more days till summer!!

Right now,I'm eating an Ice cream!

I'm gonna go visit you guys ok?!
See ya!

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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Hello everyone!
I'm really sorry if I didn't visited you last night...my sister was huging the computer...u.u

Well I went into my pool and there was a needle in my pool so because od that,there is a hole in it but my dad fix it!Oh and since I was in the pool,I've walked on the needle...and my foot hurt!It was bleedind a little bit...and I could walk...well yes..but it hurt alot!!!

My best friend came to my house and we were swiming!

Now I must go eat!
See ya!

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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Today is sunny and a little bit cold...^^

No PuffPuff today cuz the site doesn't work..u.u...In fact,almost all site doesn't work...maybe it's my internet...>=(

I'm gonna go clean my pool with my dad so see ya...

Tomorrow is Fathers day and I have no ideas...maybe baking cookies...

This pic is funny and cute^^

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Friday, June 17, 2005

   What a day!
It was raining all day long...

At the party,it was so cool!
I shoulda took some pics for you guys to see....
The music was so cool!I can say that I was crazy!I was dancing and we did the LIMBO!!And the MACARINA!!!
It like if my best friend and I took some beer!lol^^;

And at the end of the party,the guy put the last music wich was calm and my class started to cry!Since school is almost over(3 more days!!Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday)
And my friends were like:
-How do you do to not cry?!
-(Well I was crying a little bit...)I'm saving my tears for the last day of school.(Then I smiled with a little tear coming out of my eyes^-^
Then I went and give hugs to everone saying Good Luck!Or Love ya!

And everyone else at school were looking at the window of the gymnasium and they were so jealous!!

Well me gonna take a bath!
See ya!

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

   No more exams!!
WOOHOO!!I did all of my exams!!
I did my last one today!

It rained just a little tiny bit.....^^
The weather was perfect!

I have 904 visiters and 149 gb entries!!

Tomorrow is the big party and we have to wear a tie........u.u Thank god my best friend has 2.

Well thats it....
See ya!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

   3 down,1 to go...
I only have one more exam to do...and it's still math...>.<
The exmas were ok....^^

It rained...gently...then it was raining alot....then it stops...and then it rained gently....then alot the it stops...and then it rained gently...then....Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Oh and there were ligthnings...

In the afternoon,we went to a school play again^-^
It was so fun!

Well now I'm gonna make some hot dogs

See ya!

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