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Saturday, January 19, 2008

unexpected hiatus >.
elloz every1, ill make this pretty short. my mom started changing everything so i got new cable, phone #, and no internetT_T. i dunno how long ill be without internet so just lettin u no. i will be able to respond to pms with my psp, ps3, or wii. its so boring so i hope to here from @ least 1 of u! til then later!
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Friday, January 11, 2008

helloz every1!
sorry for not posting since last year, ive been busy these days.

well the reason i havent been posting is because of school. i joined a club so now i get home late and really dont have time to do much. our club is the o ambassadors which is this club that was made by oprah. basically its a few kids in my class with my la teahcer and we're gonna raise money for east asian countries. we got to give back to the poor, so yea...

ive been watching some anime online lately which i havent done in a while. i caught up with the lateset hayate no gotoku and i started watching persona- trinity soul and tactics on scifi. its pretty much what i do after getting home and read manga.

oh yea i got wireless on my ps3 now so yay! oni-chan and i wanna buy some add-ons for rockband and guitar heros III but u need a credit card which our dad wont let us use. that sucks >.>

well ill try posting on the weekends or when i dont come home late.

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Monday, December 31, 2007

Last day of '07
omg im posting which i havent done in like 1000 years XD
just thought it would be nice to post on the last day of the year. 2007 went by fast right? kinda weird since ive had to do so much this year. well ill just make this a quick post since im feeling lazy.

i was on shishou's page a while back n she reminded me of new years resolutions. so far i only got this:
"1. be a better friend
2. post AT LEAST 1 time a week
3. grow taller!:D (im 5'2" but 13 so lets see what happens XD)
4. get at least 3% less lazy
5. uh....
6. get bettter at drawing! =]"
yup, i stopped cuz my head started hurting. hope i can actually complete these
any of u got resolutions?

anyways Happy New Year!!!
hope 2008 will be better for everyone. dont forget the 12 grapes =]

til next year!

~sweet memories

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Monday, December 17, 2007

ello everyones =]
srry i havent been on ive had tons of hw and a few reports not to mention i burned myself with the iron cuz of my retarded uncle's fault and the stupid burn opened, but i think i have some time to post more this week so yay! btw u guys like the new song? i was gonna put bella traicion by belinda (spanish song) but i couldnt find the full verson which sucked.

lately ive been addicted to asain soap operas. i spend satruday watching it started with a kiss and yesturday i watched goong (princess hours).

lolz i was sitting in front of my tv like a loser when i was so called supposed to wrap some christmas presents. oh well ill do that today

nm to say bout school really. im goin on a field trip to the botanical gardens on wednesday so yay! i luv trips cuz theyre so much fun. lolz, i remember last time we went to the museum of natural history and my friends just took pics for myspace and we did no work. i wonder if it will be the same?

oh yea i finally know what ima draw for the yearbook. i was thinking cuz i was like wtf can i draw for "destined to shine"? kinda hard but i finally got an idea and ill try to post it up when i finish. i wanna color it on my computer cuz theses pplz in my class lost my color pencil which is rude cuz i spent money for them to freeload off me like always >_>

well im too lazy to type more. im gonna watch kimi kiss pure rouge then comment on some posts.
dewa ashita (i shouldnt be saying that XD)

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

YATTA!!!!! I ISH BAK!!!! X3

wow its been since like forever since i last posted!
first of all let me say gomenasai, for not tellin u guys i wasnt gonna be able to be on (probably thought i was dead or forgot bout u all >_>). ive had A LOT A LOT A LOT to do these two months:
- specialized high school exam
- high school application
- 7 projects
- trip 2 the museam of natural history
- regents crap
- a hell of a lot of homework
and i forgot what else. i recently finished my exit project on tuesday. it was hilarious almost everyone was on that day cuz we all procrastinated. so messed up we got less than 1 month to do it n my friend thats in another school gots til march >_>
on the other hand, senior activities are starting to come. my school is having a drawing contest for the yearbook and im so gonna enter. the them is "destined to shine" but i have no idea what to draw. if anyone can give me an idea i really appericiate it =]
on a brighter side (not bout school) today was the 1st snowfall here in new york =]
it snowed like an inch and its probably all melted right now but its cool its finally snowing. the weather is freakin crazy, i mean on monday and tuesday i went to school in a sweater (i take a sweater if its 50 or higher cuz im crazy like that) and then the temperature dropped a lot. ive been too lazy to do anything cept watch tv and play guitar heros 3 on the ps3 which kicks so much ass! i can play in hard mode now so yay! =]

ah, gomenasai i said a lot, so i'll leave it at that. oh and if ur wondering why i got a default layout, its just temparary til i make a new one when i got time. im gonna TRY to comment sites but IF I CANT then GOMEN!!!

dewa ashita!(hopefully)

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Monday, October 8, 2007

hi everyone!

gomenasai, i havent been on much lately, teachers these days give too much to do >_>
im currently finishing up the cover for my lab report... the teacher didnt even tell us on wednesday we had to give it in tomorrow.... she was away for 2 days so we had this evil substitute dude...... we're probably all gonna get a bad grade since she didnt even tell us how to do it

well you guys remembered how i told you we havent had a fight in school, well this week there were 2 on the same day.... one was in my language arts class and the other was in the cafeteria.... school is still pretty boring though

oh yea, i just remembered, we might get a doggie! X3
kinda weird cuz my parent were all like "we're not getting a dog cuz your brother has asthma blahblahblah....." now my dad's friend is giving a puppy away so he asked us if we wanted a dog which was weird

yea that was my week until today.... not much really.... oni-chan isnt here cuz he ditched me again to go see the new resident evil movie with his friends.... he's mean..... oh well, at least he's gonna get us the bleach game for the wii tomorrow so yatta! =]

well i'll try to comment sites right now so later!
(i'll try to have my new layout up next time i post)

loser at random,
~sweet memories~

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Sunday, September 30, 2007

konnichiwa!!! =3
omg hi everyone! tis so werid im actually posting, neh?

gomenasai i havent been on for a while, i got so much to do these days >_>
its so freaking weird im eating dinner.... i get home at like 5:20 and i usually would just eat lunch/dinner..... my mom and my bff vanessa's mom made us get out of the specialized high school program cuz of that.... they were like they dont teach you well and you barely eat now.... i kinda agree with the eating thing cuz they gave us candy and stuff to eat

as i said in my last post, i am gonna change my theme soon cuz im using my laptop a lot now and my page freezes the computer a lot..... srry guys no guessing game this time, i have no time to make graphics T_T (le-san must be so sad)... i still gota finish nara kai's layout and lifes burden's banner

i shall comment pages if i can, but 1st i gotta do my math homework.... math A is WAYY!!! easier than i thought..... i should be done pretty soon since im listening to cartel, flyleaf, and paramore (suprisingly, their music let me get hw done easier)

ja ne!

loser at random,
~sweet memories~

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Konnichiwa! =3
hi everyone omg i can finally talk to you guys since like almost 1 week

well school is alright.... i get home at like 5:30 cuz of the afterschool program so thats why i dont go on.... my school got so boring now, you can barely do anything.... there arent anymore fights... i remember by this time of the year we had tons of fights and i think a food fight as well

my academy (our school is divided into 5 sections called academies) is having a door decorating contest.... every class has to decorate their homeroom door and make it look really cool.... the class with the most creative door is gonna win i dunno what.... my friends told me to draw a monkey, which i did and we have it on the door.... now i gotta make a banner as well.... they make me do the creative things since they say i have "the most artistic talent".... my friend josline said this girl in my class was so hating on my monkey cuz everyone cept her said they liked it.... she said it looked like curious george and josline was like she just says that cuz she cant draw

oh yea, here's a question:can a cell phone pick up other calls while youre talking?
im asking cuz i remember yesturday my friend vanessa called me on her evil cell phone and all of a sudden we heard like some asain lady talking which was weird.... then she hung up and called me again and we heard someone say "aver"(watch in spanish if u dont know).... it was totally weird

well im off to comment sites

loser at random,
~sweet memories~

ps. i think im gonna change my layout soon

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Saturday, September 15, 2007


sorry i wasnt on yesturday, oni-chan gave me the computer really late >_>

the weather outside is pretty nice today, its cooler than this past week so i hope it stays like this since its freaking hot in my school (3rd floor where all my classes are has no a.c. cept for science)

well yesutrday was an alright day.... i went to the mall with oni-chan since we had the day off..... i had to got buy the barron's regents math A books since my teacher told us the day after i bought my eath science books(very ironic).... oni-chan bought a $140 router, well actually ka-san and i did since he only had $2 with him... ka-san was mad at himcuz he always borrow money since he spends everything he has on video games.... now im broke again and he owes me $230

i watched a new episode of naruto shippuuden and bleach, as well as the bleach movie these few days.... i think im gonna draw some naruto and bleach fan art.... i should at least enjoy the days i have off and do something fun

oh yea and ive also made 2 new friends these past 2 days, sweet mizuki and silver arrow 714... i just thought i would mention them on my post ^^

sorry i wrote so much, i think ill stop now before your eyes bleed XD.... im off to comment your sites before i go off and finish my ss essay

loser at random,
~sweet memories~

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Konnichiwa! omgz i finally was able to go online today... i missed u guys so much *hugs*

i changed my layout today and its a bit plain.... i think im gonna change it up a bit

i havent been on since last week cuz i got a really huge schedule durring weekdays... here's what i gotta do for the whole year:
*8:37-3:00 :school
*3:00=5:00 specialized high school program
*25 book campaign
*1-4 hours of homework daily
*tests to take:state math
state reading
social studies
math a regents
earth science regents
specialized high school test

i think thats it... too much? my school makes the 8th grade honors class do most of this every year.... sucks but then i wont have 2 take two regents in high school.... im only gonna be able to go online on weeends to talk to you guys T_T

yesturday was so fun when we did this project with m and m's and got to eat them afterwards.... we were so hyper, we were bouncing around, and laughing durring the afterschool program..... my idiot friend alejandro was so close to breaking a car when he threw my friend's huge waerbottle across the street XD
then we made him get it back and he almost got hit by a car twice.... it was funny, i should have recorded it

i havent been able to draw much... i did draw something in spanish yesturday while my teacher was talking.... i dont get why they have spanish as the only language learning class in my school if 3/4 or more of the school speaks spanish

well cant stay on for long.... i gotta do an essay with my friend for ss so i cant comment today ill comment you guys tomorrow believe it! (lolz im uzumaki naruto)


loser at random,
~sweet memories~

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