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Monday, January 1, 2007

Stuff :D
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It is now 2007, last night I discovered how cheap of a drunk I am. it just took one shot of rum and I was done, one shot! i stated to feel really warm and my face got all red and later on I got delirious [Laughs] and began to laugh at everything that was said to me.

So, you see...I'll never do that again [Laughs] besides i don't like the taste of Alcohol xp. So, how was everyone else’s New Year's Eve? I hope none of you got tipsy like I did [Laughs].

Ah, wow according to the questions, most of us have dark hair [Smiles] and Haruna I don't see you like that, I don't judge people from what they look and you seem like a really nice person [Hugs] you lucky you have blond hair [Smiles]. Aw, thank you Le Kun for the admiration xD [Glompage] your great too!

Today was pretty boring, nothing much happened other than waking up at 10:00 am and having a headache (Mini Hangover xD[Laughs] with one shot...how?! I suck). Other than that nothing really has been going on....just boring nothing eventful.

[Thinks] Did I ever tell you guys how the Christmas Party went other than the fact I found out that my Uncle has 9 fingers o_o? [Laughs] Well, I guess now is a good time to tell you guys eh?

Well, we didn't end up staying till 4 o'clock in the morning like what usually happens…only 11:30pm :p

My cousins, cousins from Winsor Ontario came to the party too. We played Mario Party on the Nintendo Game Cube, I'm only good when it's practice but when it's the actual game I blow it T_T (you'll know what I mean if you have played the game) I guess it's the pressure xD Anyway....yeah while we were playing we heard the adults upstairs laughing like school girls o.o;

So yeah, later on a few of us, my cousin Melanie, one of my cousin's cousin (xD) and myself played this uber old board game called '13 Dead End Drive' or something like that, the basic objective of the game is kill off the other players characters without them knowing who your character is, either by burning them in the fire place, hanging them by the chandelier ...err…you get the point.

For some odd reason all the characters I had were all...old and just creepy looking, In the end I won with the old Gardner dude x]

Late on we watched a bunch of you tube videos, we watch i think 3 Japanese game shows...and they are weird! There was this one where they had to repeat a sentence uber fast or else um...I think it's best I don’t say anything...and just post one of the videos x3...

Well all in all it was an okay party, I'm still a little weirded out by how my uncle told me about his fingers, I'm sitting and then he comes up to me and wiggles his fingers (can't come up with a better way to describe) and says "look I have a magical finger" O_O;;
it's...more like a stump, truth be told I don't know how that happened xD

I know what I'm doing this Summer, I'm going to Orange County California to visit my cousins in the states [Smiles] .

Well I'm going to let you go...far away from my boring post D:
Take Care
-Mizuki ♥

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