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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Years!
[Current Mood]: Sleepy
[Currently Listening ]: Sanctuary-Utada Hikaru
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Hello Minna-San,
[Hugs] I'm back from my Hiatus, heh heh told you it was only a few days[Smiles].
So, today is New Years Eve, I can't believe it's going to be 2007! It's simply amazing how fast time flys by...so fast it makes me some what sad [Smiles] heh heh, silly me.

So, does anyone have any New Years Resolutions? Unfortunately I don't have one this year ^^; so, I'd love to hear anything that you have [Nods]. Is anyone staying up till 12:00? I am, I'm really sleepy now but I know i will not be able to sleep anyway, I've been like this ever since I woke up...it's like this everyday, weird...

Anyway, I really hope this New Year is a good one and turns out bettermuch better than the last few years...heh heh [Smiles] How are you guys anyway? It feels like I've been away for en eternity [Laughs] [Hugs] hope you guys didn't miss me too much ;D just kidding [Laughs] Ugh, I'm so sorry I don't have much to say today...sorry.

How about a few questions?

1) Now, roll your face over your key board and if you get a word you win a cookie =] lol jk


1) What is your natural hair colour?
("Natural" just incase you died it ;D)
My Answer- Dark Brown

2) What is your Eye Colour?
My Answer-Err, Hazel but mixed more with green

3)Favorite J-pop artist (if any)
My Answer-Utada Hikaru of course ;]
I also like Kotoko's work.

4) Favorite j-rock artist/group (if any)
My Answer-L'arc en ciel

5)Top 3,4 Video Games?
My Answer-Alright, this is going to be hard D:

-Kingdom Hearts 1&2 A COMBO >:D
-Tales of the Abyss
-Tales of Symphonia
-FF Series =]

6)Hurry Quick! Favorite Lyrics! D:

~My Heart's a Battleground.....err......song finished a long time ago, can't remember >.>

Yeah ^^;

That's all for today [Hugs]
-Mizuki ♥

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