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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Typical Half Day
Hello Everyone!
How was everyone's day today? I hope everything went well *hugs* I had a pretty typical average day at school today.

I woke up kind of late this morning, and I kind of freaked out and stressed over being late, but in the end it turned out that I wasn't late at all ^^;
It was first period French, our teacher evaluated 70 minutes of oral presentations (I hate orals, I get so nervous, but I'm happy I got it over with) it was a long and boring possess but it had to be done...when I went up to present I found my self having to go right up to the teacher because she said she couldn't hear what I was saying (I feel like a retard -_-;) I got really shy, she spoke to me after class and told me that my french is really good but I have to try and speak up some more....

then I had physical education, we started a new unit in tennis, okay ...now I love tennis! So it was a really fun class and went by very fast ^_^
Unfortunately this guy in my class got his wallet stolen in the guys locker room I helped him search for it and we even checked in the office but he couldn't find it. So he called his father on his cell to come and pick him up at the end of the day.

Kay! Third period Moral Education >.> we were talking about the "racist image" that thrives in our society everywhere. It got me kind of worked up, because one of my best friends is African American and she started crying in class...later in Engilsh class, we were talking about the novel "Zack" by William Bell, it talks about a bi-racial kid (like myself, Asian and white) living in a harsh and unforgiving world, it's very interesting...usually I tend to draw away from books by William Bell but this one was really good.Well..not much happened to me today...I'm sorry for having such a boring post you probably died in your seat .__. *hugs* I have to go and study now for a Mathematics test.

Take Care
-Mizuki <3

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