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Friday, December 1, 2006

Icy Book Launch
Hello my dears!
I got to go, I got to go get the poetry book [smiles] and thank you all for your comments yesterday. Yeah the text was kind of hard to see/read :| So I changed it..is it any better?

I had an early dismissal to get the book, but as soon as I stepped out of the school...BAM!

Icy floors, snow and ice everywhere o_o but just yesterday it felt like summer [Laughs]
I kind of froze >.<

So I walked into LHA and noticed that the CTV van was parked outside the school...

and low and behold there it was, or should I say there they were...the news people x3
I got many hugs from my fiends and some guy who was in my art class last year xD (He's so random...I don't even remember his name)

I got to meet up with all my teachers...it was great...and I'm on TV xD

The book is 67 pages long full of poetry created by students alike. It's really cool, I get so emotional every time I visit..I'm such an emo xD (shhhh don't tell anyone)

I felt so famous, all my friends asked me to sign there book and stuff I HAD A LINE UP xD lol

Anyway, how is everyone? I hope good *hugs*
..err...*hugs again because I feel like it* 8D

Now..random questions:

1. What do you use?
Firefox or Internet Explorer?

2. Cookies or Chocolate Kisses?

3. Boyfriend (if your a boy vice versa) or Sibling?

4. Kingdom hearts (first one) or Kingdom hearts 2?

5.Anime or Music?

6. Rock or pop?

7. Winter or Summer?

8.Christmas or Halloween?

Take Care

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