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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hello everyone,
thank you for all your comments yesterday, I decided to go back to the old look of MyOtaku it was so much easier to work with.

So how do you like the new look? I think it's cute x3 I love the pairing I used for the background image! Don't you?

Anyway, my book launch is tomorrow, and I don't quite know if I can go...my parents say it's because I have school and I can't miss one day! ONE DAY, it's not going to kill me if I miss one day! Besides I'd also like to see how my friends are doing at my old school, and if I don't go...I won't be able to ever get my book -_-..[sob] my poetry is in there x]

Ah, well we'll see what they say tomorrow =]

I don't know if I posted this poem ever before...it's the one that's in the book that I might get...here it is:

I don't know why I cannot Speak

I don't know why I cannot speak;
I try to open up
But I'm locked from within
And can't find the key
To set my Words free
To express why I am crying
Afraid of misunderstanding

I don't know why I cannot speak
Speak the words that make me cry
Cry tears of emptiness, confusion and joy
of joy I'm fianally letting it out
All the pain and confusion
all the things that drive me off the line

I don't know why I cannot speak
Scraping at the words I have in my mind
Trying to put them together in a way you would understand....understand the word "emotional"
I don't knwo why I cannot speak
my sorrow becomes my master and I the puppet in a play,
with lines that cannot e spoken
keep a smile on my face
mouth shut tight
and everything will be...

yeah, that's the one I submitted x3

Take Care
-Miizu XOX

p.s I'm sorry about the link colour,it's white..you can comment

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