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Saturday, November 25, 2006

New Layout!
So what do you think? It features Namine, she's a really cool character...but Sora is still my favorite <3

Here is a little info about Namine:

Naminé is a character from the video games Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II. Naminé's name was modeled after Nami, a Japanese word meaning ocean wave, likely a reference to Kairi's name, which, when written a certain way in kanji, means ocean or sea. A mysterious young girl, Naminé has the ability to change memories by rearranging them and creating new links between them. Her ability derives from her unique birth. Because of her unusual powers, both DiZ, agents of the Organization and herself refer to Naminé as a witch. She seems to enjoy drawing, which is apparently how she manipulates memories. She was forced by Marluxia to rearrange Sora's memories after he loses them upon entering Castle Oblivion. Being passive and timid, she takes the abuse Marluxia and Larxene heap upon her. After meeting Sora, Naminé appears to become less timid and afraid, seeming more willing to act upon what she believes is right.

I hope you all erally enjoy this layout

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