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Friday, November 24, 2006

Hello my darlings,

Thankyou so much fro your comments yesterday, I love you all so much! You really liked my layout? [Gives everyone a giant cookie] but I'm afraid I changed it.

Anywho, last night I got my Influenza shot in my left arm, suprisingly enough it hurts very little and it isn't even sore or tense in any way what so every [Smiles]. Nya! Can you belive it?! I went to a local "La Source" and the PS3's are sold out '_' already.....thoes things are like 600-700$ it's so sad, Iv'e been thinking about buying FFXII but it's like 75.89$ (don't ask me why I remember the exact price) heh, I took a look at Kingdom Hearts 2 (I already have it) and it's still 60.00$ and did you know you can still find Kingdom hearts in stores?

My close friends Annie has gotten pretty emotional over the pread of 2 weeks, her sister keeps on calling her a "fat bitch" and "so f*cking stupid" just because she help this guy in her class pay off this ticket he recived from the police, I understand where the anger comes from but I think her sister could be a little less harsh, I mean if I were Annie's sister, sure I'd get mad...infact I'd be furious! That she lied to so many people to get the money for him, and that she put herself in danger..but then I'd think about her feelings and try to understand why she did that, and then I'd most likely calm down and just talk to her. No, it has to end up some huge drama!

I feel horrible....I think that I have nothing else to say, take care everyone.

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