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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Adding Up
Okay, I finally did it, I went through all 179 guest book entry's and re-signed every last one O_O
what a morning! And I thank all of you for taking the time to re-signs as well thank you *hugs super tight* I got 21 signatures over one night ^^ heh heh, thankyou all again!

I posted that story on my other account, I thought it was appropriate becase I shouldn't get all depressed over a new account ^^;

*le huge sigh*

my parents yesterday went off to the Gem show for like say...4 hours.

They brought home some interesting stuff, my mom mostly bought jewelry but my dad brought home an actual fossilized trilobite! It's kind of creepy to walk by his office...it's on display....yeah sure it's a rock but now it's a dead animal fossilized into a rock >3 he brought home some other stuff like silk stone and whole bunch of other stuff I have no idea about.

He goes every year =) He bought me peridot (my birth stone)...it's so green and pretty xD

Anywho, I already know what I'm doing for the summer this year, I'm going down to California :D
My older sister is begging me to speak French through the whole trip, so thinks it'll be hilarious because they "won't understand" but I'm sure there are SOME people who will.

Ah, nothing more to say...

Take Care
-Ayu....wait I mean

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