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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

And with a flick of her wand, she came back!
Hey you guys!
Long time no post eh? Sorry I've been gone, lots of things have been happening haha. First off, my friend and I both got lip piercings and there fucking hot! I'm now addicted to Monster instead of Dr.Pepper, I'm trying to do better in school, I'm moving to Alberta
I'll start this post and try to explain everything....

So, since I mentioned the piercings first, I'll start off with them. I've always wanted snake bites and now I have them :) but...without the pain. They're fake x) because my parents would never permit me to get real ones at my age, but when I'm 18 there isn't much they can say about it so, watch out mom and dad ;) my friend Sean on the other hand got a real lip piercing! It looks so fucking hot on him <3 I swear, if he wasn't homosexual I would....

He's like one of those really hot emo guys you see on photobucket they you want to pounce at and snuggle with.

Okay, now about my new obsession with the energy drink Monster, HOMFG I love it <3 it completely replaces Dr.Pepper, damn you Amanda >.< but I lurvs you so much :B but according to my friend Sayuri, if I keep on drinking it everyday I'll end up having a heart attack @ w @;; cause it's an energy drink, it like...almost medicated dude XD haha. According to some people it has Bull Sperm in it :S maybe I should read the ingredients next time eh? Haha.

Here's the thing!! I'm failing school! Really bad like too D: and in order to save my ass, I need to start working NOW! So I'm trying my best to get work done and study and stuff, in order to get to the next grade I need to pass English, French and Math and have a passing average...so far, I'm failing English, French and Math BUT I do have a passing average :) I can pull off passing French and English but I have to forget about math -_-; unless a miracle happens on the finals...I dunno.

Last, and most important topic...at least to me. I'm moving to Alberta. Away from MY Montreal :'( it's really sad. I don't know when I'm going, but it's most likely sometime next year and I really don't want to..I've made some of my very best friends here. Sean, Kathy, Sayuri, Christina, etc. I don't want to leave them...I'll say more about this topic later.

kkthnx baii

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