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Sunday, January 6, 2008


It's been a while hasn't it..well I'm finally making a proper post ^^; sorry you guys!

Ah, today is my last day of holidays and then I wake up tomorrow and get back to school -.-" I have a week to study for the mid-term exams that are coming up (but I know that I really should of done that over the holidays...at lease a bit, but who wants to study on break??) I'm really nervous I've always done so bad on these things. No matter how much I study I stress and then blank out all the time >_< I hate it! Then I end up going to summer school...which is no fun at all.

I've been waking up lately with bad headaches and stuff, I don't know why.maybe it's the way I sleep? Or don't sleep -_-" last night was really hectic, I woke up to the sound of police cars and an ambulance, my dad called the cops on some guy who apparently was drunk and beat a woman up and left her in the middle of the street. Now I thought I would only witness this kind of thing on television (doesn't that just tell you how naive I really am). but I felt so painfully bad for her and I just couldn't get the images of abuse out of my head, I started to tear up a bit, I knew I would feel bad obviously, but to the point where I would cry a little, I had no idea I was this emotional.

Oh! I ordered a Sailor Fuku that I'm going to wear at Otakuthon in August, I can't wait for it to come in it's really cute ^_^ maybe I'll post pictures of it sometime when if comes in, which I hope is really soon! I'm going to be selling art there, so if any of you are coming to visit Montreal (or live here) if you feel like buying my art come drop me a visit and see if you like anything but shhh...because your all super cool I might give you all a discount :'D haha. I'll post the stuff I'll be selling later on in the year so you guys can decide in advance.

Um, so for the rest of the day i'll probably be on MSN xP and working on my graphic site ^^;; that is still not up yet It's called "Cloud-Nine" I'm still debating whether it should be a full graphic site with Layouts and everything, or just a small one that has icons and such. I'm leaning more towards the icon site...what do you guys think I should do?

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