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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Bad Yesterday...
Valentines Day-Linkin Park

Hey everyone!
Thanks for your really long touching comments, I love you all *hugs* your guys really are the very best! Anyway, I haven't posted in a while and I realize that I probably should get back to posting now and again.

Yesterday, was bad...I made a mistake, broke and plate and got beat...yeah, I'd rather not talk about it, my dad is just scary >_> and I kind of lost it there and uh..not going to talk about anymore right now.

Well last night, I went to my Aunts house because she's leaving to go to her country. My cousin told me that I could go on his computer and do whatever, so I went on MSN..I was talking to some of my good friends and went to the washroom, but when I came back I saw my cousin talking to them saying "Oh ur hot" "hey wussup babe" and the worst thing he said was "Well, I bet you immature in bed" O___O I WAS ALL WTF?!! GET OFF XDDD (even though it's not my compute, go figure)

Well yeah, my sister is going to a job interview to work at Second Cup. I seriously hope she get it O__O;; cause we don't really get along and I'd like some peace (especially since this month has been really bad >< ) I feel mean for saying that though :[

Well, would you guys do me a favor and visit Funny Bunny her brother died, and she needs a lot of moral support >< so please help her out!


Oh! Yes! Happy December 1st! Also happy birthday to my friend Alicia & Shizuka

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