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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

As things
Vampires will never hurt you-MCR

Hey loves,
Thanks for all your help and support, I love you guys so much, I love coming here because you all are such wonderful people, so open to anything and all so very understand! I love you all, I don't know what I'd do without you guys.

Well, things seem pretty normal so far, he still is touchy but you know..he's a guy so it's normal right? He also has been really touchy with another friend of mine, I mean they bite each other O__O (so I'm hoping this means I'm "off the hook") I'm very tired, stressed, and kind of pissed. I'm tired because I just got home from school and I don't sleep very well, I usually end up going to bed at 2am or later. I'm stressed because my grades are slipping really bad, and my mood lately has kind of been preventing from working as hard as I should, I try so hard to get back on track but it's just not working you know? I'm pissed because of many things that are hard to say...so I just wont.

I don't know what to say, I'm really tired and can't think straight...wait, My friend and I have a plan if I'm not off the hook, I agree and disagree with the entire play but, it's something you know? We want to hook him up with my other friend who has been very touchy feely with, I mean, I think they both like each other. Just to make sure, my friend is going to ask her privately if she finds him cute or anything like that, or if she would ever consider going out with him. If not, I'm just going to have to tell him straight. I'm hoping I'm either off the hook or they go out -__-; cause honestly, I don't think that I could tell him...

Now, I don't think I told you guys about my 5 day lunch suspension did I? Well, to make it short, My friend Anne felt "sick" (she really wanted to skip a class) so I took her home, but she wanted me to go the long way to metro with her so she could get coffee, my other friend tagged along because she didn't want me to go back to school alone (and thank god she did) well we came back late and got a five day lunch suspension T.T well, today was our last day and I am sooo happy! I can finally go out for lunch!!!

Well..I'm going to end this post now partly because I have no idea what I should say to you other than my math teacher is taking a few weeks off because she is very ill and it is doctors orders to stay off work so the chances of getting a heart attack will be reduced with the help of some pills >< and I feel really bad for her...because she's a really dedicated teacher.

Well...I'll end this here...take care you guys and again thank so much for all your support and help!

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