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Friday, November 16, 2007

Super Rabbit-Antic Cafe

Aiie! I'm going to solve this comment problem! Once and for all >:( I'm going to put halo scan at the bottom of my post! Or should I remove my layout all together? Please tell me what you think okies?Thanks so much!

Anyway, my life isn't getting much better -_- I failed 3 subjects and my average is a poor 62% I can't believe this is happening to me...I just wanna die, I have never had an average sooo low before it's killing me inside. So yesterday was parent teacher interviews right? OS my dad went and like, now I have to attend English, Math, and History tutorials -___-;; I never knew I have ENGLISH tutorials, I mean, what would you even do there D; seriously?! Same goes with History, and it really pisses me off because the only reason I'm failing English and History is because I don't hand in my homework...

Anyway, I just signed up to IMEEM, so I'd like to add anyone here if you have an account n_n
so please let me know ok? And here is my link if you want to add me ;) http://profile.imeem.com/Q3Trqup

alrighty...I got to go do work...bye~ PS hopefully the comments work -__- or I'm going to die...so kill me T__T


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